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    WWE Title MITB- The Miz

    WHC Title MITB- Tyson kidd


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    I think that this years money on the bank match up will go like this WHC MItb winner is Ceasaro and wwemitb winner is either ziggler or cena.
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    Wwe: Daniel Bryan
    whc: dean Ambrose

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    How am I supposed to pick who will win the MITB matches if the contestants haven't even been selected/mentioned yet by the WWE?

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    What is the big deal about Wade Barrett? I don't get why everyone seems to love the guy. He's only been around for like 3 years. He's got plenty of time to become a big player. Right now, I just don't see much. He doesn't do anything spectacular. Nothing that really WOW's me.

    Anyway, if I had to pick MITB winners. And they decide to go full matches this time, and not just limit one of them to former champs who aren't around. Then I would say Ryback for WWE Title, and I don't know, Sheamus for the WHC.

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    I do see Barrett winning the WHC Money in the Bank ladder match, the WWE seems to be very high on him and he does have the tools to be a World Champion. Besides, it's about time an English wrestler became a World Champ. But I also woudn't mind seeing Cesaro, Kingston or even Sandow winning it.

    For the WWE MiTB, that one's a bit harder, because you can't have just anybody win that match. The person who wins it has to be established, but, at least in my opinion, isn't a real main eventer yet. Ryback is a possible choice because the WWE is high on him and I'm a personal fan of his. But I'd much rather have him in the IC/US title hunt for a little while. I also wouldn't mind Christian winning it so her coud have a REAL World title reign.
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    WWE-Daniel Bryan

    WHC-Jack Swagger (needs a push when he comes back, anyway)

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    It's waaayyy too early to predict who's winning MITB in July. We haven't even gotten to the Royal Rumble yet.

    But looking at some of these picks...guys, just because CM Punk won the briefcase twice, that dosen't mean everyone else is going to do the same. Have some originality please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by K2Jelly View Post
    Kane? You really think Kane got to where he is because of the MITB briefcase? As far as Bryan goes, like I've stated before, in the long run, his chants and the Wrestlemania crowd got him over and that's when he lost the championship. ADR became staler than tap water after his flop of a world championship run ended. The only reason people give a shit about him now is because he's a face. Swagger; I shouldn't even have to go there. Edge and Punk are the ones who really benefited. It may not be too late for Ziggler so I can't say anything about him. I won't count Cena since he wasn't going to win it anyways.
    You said, and I quote, "Because recently, MITB has been sort of a career killer." I merely pointed out that that has only been true in the case of Swagger. Of course Kane didn't get to where he is thanks to MitB but it didn't kill his career either. Bryan wouldn't have had that Wrestlemania match were he not WHC, which he was thanks to MitB. Stale or not ADR is still a main eventer. So in actual fact MitB hasn't been any "sort of a career killer" seeing as all the recent winners except one are still heavily featured in WWE programming and PPVs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FXK2I View Post
    How am I supposed to pick who will win the MITB matches if the contestants haven't even been selected/mentioned yet by the WWE?
    We're not discussing who WILL win MITB, we're discussing who we'd LIKE to see winning it, or we THINK might be in with a chance of winning it.


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