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    Kofi Kingston isn't a bad choice. The reason I say that is because MITB should only be used for people who are either stuck in midcard hell but have loads of potential or for those who can't really get over on their own. Thanks to Orton, Kingston's main event push was squahsed and has been a midcarder ever since. He gets a pretty good reacation on his own so if he wins, at least enough people will care. Rhodes should win the other after he splits up with Sandow.
    I do agree with you on how MITB should be used on someone that can be elevated to the main event like Kofi Kingston. I hate how both him and Christian have been in more MITB matches then anyone else on the current roster of the WWE. In terms of deserving it, it should be Kofi Kingston and Christian for the winners, although I do find it interesting for Rhode Scholars to hold both.


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