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    My general ambitions is to become a respected member of the community I.E. one of the guys if you will.

    My character driven goals (Some are pretty high)

    Israel Pamich
    IWA: To become a world champion in 2013
    TWE: Become the person everyone wants to face
    EWNGP: Become undisputed EWNGP champon
    JBW: Make a name for myself

    Nutz and Boltz:
    IWA: Become tag team champions

    Chase Blaydes:
    Create some laughs and have some fun at his expense
    Israel Pamich
    Number 1 Contender for the RTE Championship
    Fight Night IV
    ​RTE Championship Match
    Alex Wildheart (C) v Israel Pamich

    Number 1 Contenders for the EWNCW World Tag Team Titles at:
    In Violence We Trust
    Mixed Emotions (C) v Domination


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