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    Quote Originally Posted by TheDevilsAdvocate View Post
    Kinda off topic, but for some reason I want to see Eric Bischoff as RAW gm while Paul Heyman runs Smackdown and for the rosters to be reinstated as separate entity's like they were from 2001-2007.

    I know John Laurenitus did his job but I feel like he could have made a better Manager to a wrestler that could really use the shove and support. And the most unpopular opinion that I might get heat for would be to have him manage Shield in an attempt to reclaim his spot. He has manipulated wrestlers before with promises to do his dirty work. Just look at Big Show and his 'iron clawed' contract after interfering in John Laurenituses match against John Cena a few months ago.
    Eric running Raw and Heyman running SmackDown!, that was awesome when I realized the importance of this back in 04. But Heyman wasn't running things too well, SmackDown! creative kinda suffered with trying to find something to run with his personality. the rosters were good back in 04, but yeah, from 01 - 07 were the best and fun times to be a GM. That's the roster I ultimately like using whenever being a Fantasy GM.

    Johnny managing SHIELD does seem like a bad idea, because there was no injustice for him, he suffered badly due to himself. again, he did have potential, but Shield's involvement makes no sense to me. Unless if Shield feels like he was treated wrongly, then they would defend him a couple times in the ring, bu that seems to be it.

    If Johnny should manage anyone, it should be Dolph Ziggler.
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