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    Call Me Crazy For This Post......

    ....but I think John "Super Dave" Laurinaitis(Yes, I had to Google it, you know you have to everytime you write his name) could've worked. As from a stand point of a fan who would've like to tackle the creative job of making him a really hated person, I would've like to have seen his potential rise to the ranks of Eric Bischoff, McMahon-Helmsey, or even Vince McMahon, but I guess he didn't cut it. If you ask me, it was all on John Cena's involvement, not only did their eventual meeting came too early, but Tensai's streak ended due to the fact he HAD to face Cena with no one else being built up to put on a proper main event. But enough of the ruin-er of everything.....

    Johnny Ace's potential could've been more powerful, granted People Power was weak, but I liked how the Team Johnny vs Team Teddy was well built and the ending was totally predictable, but Eve betraying Zack and joining Ace as an adviser was kinda neat. But his little group of Eve and Legal Consultant David Otunga wasn't the most threatening force in the WWE. I would've liked to see him gain a bigger administration, but not thrown together faction(A.K.A. King's Court and La Familia) Even Big Show being at his side didn't last long. Though I did find his rivalry with CM Punk entertaining as hell, I would've liked to have seen a big match with them, despite Royal Rumble 2012, and their match on Raw. CM Punk was the best rebel to go against him, he exposed Johnny's weaknesses and old aged, out of touch, connection with the young people. It even still seems like it would take a lot than the accolades and events he went through to make him an effective menace to the WWE Universe(*blech* kinda throw up in my mouth everytime I see that, makes me see Hornswoggle, Fruity Pebbles, and Sheamus' annoying face turn).

    So what do you think? Should he make a return if it meant making him a greater force to reckon with? If it meant he would return madder, meaner, and more What would make him really destructive to the WWE locker room or make him into the biggest thing of 2013?

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