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    I have been going through the blogs and through the threads reading all about who will be at wrestlemania and what current champion will be defending the title there and I got to thinking: Some are saying that Wade Barrett will defend at Wrestlemania which means that Kofi won't win the title back so...

    Can anybody remember the last person to regain the title after using the rematch clause? I really can't remember.
    I like you're idea that you have about barett having the title at wrestlemania kofi should lose the title to him before hand at royal rumble or something Barrett will defend at wrestlemania and i think that he should defend at wrestlemania after losing to kofi against sin cara or mcgillicutty or Brody's clay and give some one else a chance before Barrett wins the wwe title from John cena or something but I think cena should turn heal and align himself with Paul heman and punk should just keep his title or lose it to rock and that's the only obviously way things should go'. Paul heman has a good idea of where the business should go and should be with cena or gm of raw not VickyVicky
    R U READY????


    2nd coming...
    sAve uS DaNdY


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