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    Quote Originally Posted by El Dandy LWO View Post
    The idea is tensai comes back as attrain and attacks maybe cm punk, and takes him out of wm which then we set up taker vs Albert and then we can have punk and ryback for the whc
    Well in ur orginal statement u said better than a stupid undertaker vs hbk 2.0. So im guessing ur referencing if punk took on taker it would be reminiscent of when hbk took on taker, which i dont think it would be. Punk has his own style. Plus with tensai aka a train aka albert, we have already seen a few things. He cant compete in a wwe main event high caliber match, plus we got a taste of taker vs train in the handicap match one year...and unless im mistaken, that left a bad taste in some peoples mouth, it did mine atleast


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