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Thread: Is It Worth It?

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    Is It Worth It?

    Now I have analyzed some people's assesments about Wrestlemania and I was thinking to myself, is their certain criteria and events conjectured at Wrestlemania that is really worth it? There was only a few that I thought of but here we go.

    Rey Mysterio vs Sin Cara
    Now although these two could definetly put on an amazing matchup, is it really worth having Rey Mysterio push Sin Cara? I mean although Sin Cara has the athleticism of a true star, he lacks charisma and has a major language barrier with the fans. Personally, I think it would be cool if we saw something like Kofi Kingston vs Rey Mysterio where Kofi turns heel in the feud. It would better suit him and can help him prove himself as a main eventer. That is if he completely changed his gimmick, look, and of course turned heel.

    Giving Undertaker the WWE Championship
    Although it is definetly one of the best ways for the Undertaker to go out by winning the title and then vacating it, I think permitting CM Punk to have a longer reign is even more consummate as he keeps the title looking more prestigious. Now I am not saying CM Punk should end the streak, though I am not completely against the concept. Currently, this is what I want thoughts for if WWE decided to go with CM Punk vs. The Undertaker. I am not sure of this contemplation, but what if Undertaker beat CM Punk by knock out (like how Mankind beat The Rock for the WWE Championship). In this case, CM Punk would retain cause Undertaker did not beat him by pinfall or submissions, however Undertaker would still win, bestowing him a Wrestlemania victory. Thoughts?

    Dolph Ziggler Entering As WHC
    Although it would be cool to see, I think it would be innovative if Dolph Ziggler faced the champion (More likely the Miz as people want) still holding the briefcase. You could allow Ziggler to maybe lose the first time but cash in post match and win the title. Another idea is just to have Ziggler be in a seperate match up without the title on the line.


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