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    A few predictions for Raw on 1-7-13

    As we all know finally the Rock will be back! I think Punk and the Rock will have a confrontation. While the Rock and Punk are facing off, the Shield will come out and assault the Rock. If the Shield do attack the Rock I don't think anyone will come out for the save.

    Then for the main event there will be a TLC match for the WWE title later in the night. Ryback and CM Punk will do battle for the WWE title. Paul Heyman would take Punks place if Punk can't compete, but Punk will compete. I think it's very obvious Cm Punk will retain his championship, but the question is how will he retain it? It's simple. Punk won't win cleanly. The Shield will interfear, it's obvious as day. The Shield will gang up on Ryback, and beat him down like they have before.

    Now honestly WWE has two options. They could just end the show like that, or make a wrestler/wrestlers come out for the save that have been victims of the Shields brutal attacks. I could see the Rock, Sheamus or other wrestlers that have been victims of the Shields brutal attacks coming out and making the save. I doubt Randy Orton would come out for the save just based on the fact he only went out there on Smackdown and took out the Shield just for himself, but who knows maybe he's not done with the Shield? If anyone comes out Punk and Heyman will bail out.

    That or Raw would just end with Cm Punk and the Shield standing over Ryback triumphantly. I see Raw ending like this tomorrow night but anything is possible. This is my opinion anyways. I am curious to hear what the rest of you think.

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    I cant wait for The Rock to come back tomorrow. I just hope creative pull a good swerve and take everything into a completely different direction heading into Mania.

    I like the idea of Rock coming out Cena coming out, Cena leave the ring, Punk comes through the crowd and hits the GTS on The Rock.

    Later in the TLC match. Punk and ryback on the ladder looking to reach for the title - Sheild hit the ring pushing the ladder with both Ryback and Punk on. Cole and Lawler acknowledge the attacked Punk. The Rock's music hits, if ya smelllllllll. Rock comes out smiling. Get in the ring and joins his boys, The Shield! Rock climbs the ladder and grabs the belt! he takes it with him. He keeps it till rumble when it offically becomes his!

    Cm Punk told us he had nothing to do with them and no one believed him!


    ROCK CENA 2 at Mania. Im going and will support rock through it all. but i dont want this match again. Cena should be curtain jerker at mania. Cena vs Epico in a who could care less match


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