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    If I were TNA, I'd build up a big 4 ppv. This ppv is unlike Lockdown, Slammiversary, or BFG. This one will always be held at London, England, or somewhere internationally. I think WWE should do the same because those feel a bit more special when they are held outside of the USA.

    Bring in talent every now and again just for a month or so. They did this sorta thing with the X-Division in the early days. I hope they do it again so we can see the likes of Punk, Bourne, among others at least appear in TNA before they were stars.

    I hope they stop doing these stupid championship Thursdays where the so called GM chooses who faces the champ. This should be decided inside the wrestling ring. I wish WWE would do more #1 contender matches at ppvs. Instead of, Punk cheated so he has to face him again. It keeps repeating itself.

    No more AJ/Daniels coattails....plz I beg of you!!

    AJ likely to world champ again probably at BFG. I hope Bully Ray wins the world title some time this year.

    I can't wait for Sorrenson to return to win the X-Division title.

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    Posters should bear in mind many of the ideas expressed here are out of TNA's hands. For example, if they want to do another show, it would need an okay from Spike to be granted a time slot and help fund it. That's also much the case with taping outside the Impact Zone, a considerably more costly enterprise. And one doesn't simply go up to, for example, a talk show producer and say "I am/we are so-and-so, and I will pencil in next Thursday for my appearance on your program."

    Personally, I'd like to see them try raunchy R-rated PPVs with skin and profanity, something "the other guys" can't offer. If it bombs, so be it. It's not like they have many buys to begin with...meaning not much to lose.

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    every year everyone says "travel more" and they never do, so another area of improvement would be less Hogan.

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    1. Re-establish the X-Division. Make the belt important while emphasizing the difference from other titles due to the style. Actually the tag and knockouts divisions could use revamps.

    2. Phase out a couple more PPVs and replace them with televised supercards much like the old Clash of Champions. Run them head to head with throw away WWE PPVs.


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