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    If I were TNA, I'd build up a big 4 ppv. This ppv is unlike Lockdown, Slammiversary, or BFG. This one will always be held at London, England, or somewhere internationally. I think WWE should do the same because those feel a bit more special when they are held outside of the USA.

    Bring in talent every now and again just for a month or so. They did this sorta thing with the X-Division in the early days. I hope they do it again so we can see the likes of Punk, Bourne, among others at least appear in TNA before they were stars.

    I hope they stop doing these stupid championship Thursdays where the so called GM chooses who faces the champ. This should be decided inside the wrestling ring. I wish WWE would do more #1 contender matches at ppvs. Instead of, Punk cheated so he has to face him again. It keeps repeating itself.

    No more AJ/Daniels coattails....plz I beg of you!!

    AJ likely to world champ again probably at BFG. I hope Bully Ray wins the world title some time this year.

    I can't wait for Sorrenson to return to win the X-Division title.


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