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    TNA and Impact Wrestling in 2013

    Simple question what is your prediction of what will happen in TNA and Impact in 2013????

    My predictions.......
    1. Move PPVs out of the Impact Zone, the time is now or never if they want to grow they going have to do that.

    2. A secondary or 3rd show, as much as they rely on Xplosion internationally it not working for those who don't follow TNA or know anything about it... The thing is Xplosion is no more the a review show with other tidbits like Rewind, and SpinCycle and Underground... Even bring Xplosion to the the US of A, shop it around for a network, expand it to 2 hours with a hour for wrestling, the other hour for Spin Cycle and Rewind and Underground....

    3. Roster expansion, time to grow, time to bring some of those who won Gut Check back or those that is improving their skills in OVW back....

    4.Something new and inventive.... In 2012, TNA brought up Gut Check, which is used at certain house shows to scout talent... Then they had added Open Fight Night and Championship Thursday as once a month events... What ever it is, a new match concept or specialty show, I'm sure TNA can make good on it.....
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