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    When I say I'm a wrestling fan, I always mention that "I'm not the guy who thinks it is real. It is a Soap Opera for guys that I can watch with out having my manhood be in complete question." They generally leave me alone after that.

    As far as wrestlers I'd show the person who might watch:

    CM Punk: The go to heel. The thinking mans wrestler. If you were gonna give anyone who has the charisma to carry the mic and wrestle. He is it. It is even scarier when you pair him up with another talker in Paul Heyman.

    John Cena: Name recognition. He is the guy you want to show off for everything he does outside of the ring. Work ethic with him is everything. I might not like his wrestling style (Mostly because he doesn't have one.), but he is the guy I would hold up as a standard.

    Austin Aries: Reckless high flier that is also believable as a World Champ. He is strong enough to lift a guy as big as Bully Ray, and excels on the mic. TNA has no idea what they actually have in him.

    Bubba Ray: The standout of the Dudley Boyz. He has it all, but also looks like the every guy. He can execute in the ring and has a way on the mic that seems effortless.

    I only have 4. But I don't care. These are the current guys I'd hold up from each company.
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