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    5 Current WWE & TNA Wrestlers that you would show to an average non wrestling fan

    Im sorry but im new here and didnt know which section there is for both WWE and TNA stuff so i just put this thread in the WWE section.

    If the average person who thinks wrestling is crap told you to show him/her 5 wrestlers to make him change his mind, who would you pick.

    My Picks:

    The Rock
    If you think of the rock, you think of cool. The guys jacked, rich, famous, and if i were a chick, i would get wet seeing him rock bottom somebody(wait, thats inappropriate). The reason why i chose the rock is because hes more famous than the WWE. People in my school know who Dwayne the rock Johnson is but dont even watch wrestling or WWE.
    Brock Lesner
    A big reason why i chose Brock is because of his UFC backround. To go from a ''fake'' fighting to real fighting and dominating the heavyweight division, That almost sounds unrealistic. Not only does it make Lesner bad ass, but it makes wrestling a little more bad ass.

    I swear i have a man crush with this guys ability, he is just like the perfect wrestler. No one can touch him in the ring. Hes the greatest high flyer i have ever seen yet hes still super with his in ring technique. Every match and every move he performs is just perfect and he never botches. When ever he hits a move it makes you go AWW!!!. This guys is seriously the "Perfect" wrestler. And his selling is better than Dolph Ziggler (and i like Ziggler). His Mic skills has gotten much better, see his promos with kaz and daniels, and his promo that he cut after his losl to daniels sounded legit. All i have to say is that this guy is PHENOMENAL

    Jack Evans

    This guy personifies "crazy spots" in wrestling, he can transition from move to move and break dance while at it. just like AJ STYLES he can create AWW'S and OOO'S lol. The reason why i chose this guy is because when you see, u wanna be him.

    El Generico

    This guy represents indy wrestling. His moveset seems impossible or hard. and he breaths charisma. And hes an amazing wrestler.



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