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  • di biasie

    2 8.00%
  • jake roberts

    3 12.00%
  • rick rude?

    1 4.00%
  • ricky steamboat

    0 0%
  • roddy piper

    12 48.00%
  • jimmy snuka

    1 4.00%
  • owen hart

    4 16.00%
  • british bulldog

    2 8.00%
  • scott hall

    0 0%
  • lex luger

    0 0%
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    wwe champ that never was

    so from the old school, i started watching wwf/e around 89-90 and have been addicted far too long but just cannot escape the fact it my passion, now things that i always wonder are a lot of fantasy bookings and a lot of what ifs? and most popular discussion always on the agenda is always if title changes occurred like they have in past 10-12yrs in the mid 80s too early 90s who would of been a wwe/whc champ? or even multiple champ?

    di biasie?
    jake roberts?
    rick rude?
    ricky steamboat?
    roddy piper?
    jimmy snuka?
    owen hart?
    british bulldog?
    scott hall?
    lex luger?

    at the time these guys could go with the best of them and i am sure there are world title holders within this group many more could be added but tried to keep numbers down slightly, again there be few multiple world title holders from this group, who would of been the best champ? any1 from the 10 listed i forgot greatly? my choice would have to be roddy piper as a heel late mid to late 80s would have been an awesome guy to run with, who for you?

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    I'd say Piper would be tho most likely. Or Hall in the early nineties. But Piper was a star. He should have had that belt at least once.

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    completley agree totally piper was the 1 for me aswel

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    Pipper hands down for me.
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    I'm going with Hart. He had all the technical abilities of Bret, and was a better talker IMO. The only difference between the two was Owen couldn't be marketed for merchandise back in the day

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    I gotta go Bull dog here, yes piper was over as a heel BUT The Bulldog was a massive face when restling was more popular!!!

    I never really like seein Owen on these poles because yes he did deserve a title, but who's to say he wasn't going to get a run?
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    Piper. of course.
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    Ted DiBiase and Roddy Piper.

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