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    Feuds that never happened but would like to see................ part 1

    i know a lot of people are loving the idea of stone cold versus cm punk and believe me i am of the opinion it would be awesome and 1 of the best built matches promo wise we would ever see, so because at the moment it is a potential feud that can occur i will over look it at the moment, but what if macho man randy savage could of went 1 on 1 with cm punk? would that be a money maker? would the promos be worth the money alone? very similar in stature and very similar move set there for maybe would know each other 2 well, however the matches these 2 have provided in past and im sure punk will in future would prove they could pull anything out the bag, just a straight up 1 on 1 match going 40-45 mins, the spots take care of themselves with punk missing the flying elbow and randy applying the anaconda vice would be an awesome sight, you could see it with dbryan and ziggler but i think macho man v punk could top the lot.....................


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