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    Quote Originally Posted by Grind_Bastard View Post
    Congrats to everybody who won, and thanks for everybody for making a great year for Efeds!!

    I, unlike Rob, think the Match of the Year award is perfect (LOL). I would liked to see King winning Champion of the Year, and still don't get what people see in the Clique (seems to me that most were kiddos while I'm getting old)

    Great show, fellas.
    Just because The Clique were a faction of 'kids' doesn't mean they weren't great. The fact that they did so well in the feud and shock of the year shows that your opinion is the minority. Not sure if you read much HWA but the promos these guys were delivering was some of the best work I've seen.

    As for the MOTY award, I voted Siaki-Shuri but there's no doubt any of the matches could have won- and SOM-JM deserved it too.


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