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    2012 EWN End of the Year Awards

    The camera pans, and we see all kinds of people sitting inside of the awards ceremony hall. People like Tommy Thunder, Krysys, Vegas, S.E. Zero, Vandarius, VanHooligan X, Shining Light, Torphy, Glamour Girl, No_1eddiefan, Shaz11, Magglis, Kashdinero, TheDevilsAdvocate, and many others. We see a banner with each efed being represented by the stars of the respective efed, and we see a TV screen behind the podium. After a moment, Bearkg88 walks out from the back in a nice suite and tie, as he walks to the podium.

    Bearkg: Before we get into the awards, I wanted to take a second to look back at the year EWN has had. We've had good moments, bad moments, shocking moments, and sad moments. We've gained new friends, we've lost old ones, and we've kicked some of the bat crazy people to the door. 2012 shaped up to be an amazing year for EWN, with highs and lows, but through it all, some efeds stood tall above the others. Tonight, we will look back on those respective efeds and all the work that went into them, and the people who are part of them. So ladies and gentlemen, without any further adieu, lets get on with the show!

    Everyone cheers and claps, as Bear pulls an envelope out of his jacket pocket.

    Bearkg: I get the honor of handing out the first award, and that award is Veteran of the Year. With this award, it gives everyone a chance to look back at people who have been active in the efedding community and made an impact, big or small, and while they may not be as active now, they have left an imprint that will be remembered. So, here are the nominees! For JBW we have The Prophecy. For EWA, we have Jman. For TWE, we have S.E. Zero. For EWNCW we have The Beard of Zeus aka TBOZ. For HWA and WWE, we have Tommy Thunder, and for ICW and IWA, we have Chunkkknutz. So, without any further delay, the winner is....

    Bear opens the envelope, pulling out the name of the winner.


    Tommy stands up with a humble smile to his face, as he walks to the stage, where he is handed a wrestling trophy, as Bear steps to the side.

    Tommy: I have to say receiving this award is very humbling to me. I've been involved in the feds on EWN effectively since the feds started.

    My first post in the EWNCW thread came on the 11/1/11, and that's when I joined EWNCW. From that date, I've been constantly involved in the feds, so it's coming up to 2 years now. I've also been involved on the creative side since August 2011, so it's been about 1 and a half years there too. So to get this award gives some great satisfaction for and feels like a thank you for all that hard work.

    I've put so much work into EWNCW, and any other fed I've been involved with, it's nice to get this little pat on the back as a thank you and "job well done" so to speak.

    If you've been here to witness the ride with me, then you'll know that it's been quite the roller-coaster! For those that weren't here, then I could be here for 40 days and 40 nights telling you the whole story, but I'd direct you towards my 'Inside the Tights' interview, which gives a good insight to a lot of things.

    It's been a great 2 years for me in the feds, and I wouldn't change it for the world. I love contributing to anything I can help with in the feds, and I just hope I can continue for as long as I can doing what i do.

    Again, thanks very much to all who voted me in for this award, and here's to hoping for a great 2013 for EWN's feds!

    Tommy and Bear step off screen, as Wrestlingfan walks out onto the stage with an award in hand. He stands infront of the podium.

    wrestlingfan66513: Good evening everyone, I am going to do my best to deliver an Oscar caliber speech for this grand moment tonight so wish me luck. 2012 has been a big year for the efeds in terms of characters. We have lost some really good guys over the last months and I'm sure we wish them all the best of luck wherever their at and we have gotten rid of some users that have lost their path and tainted our sanctuary.

    But one of the highlights of this year have been all of the new characters to grace the small screen. Whether they came from new minds just entering the efeds or established guys looking to try someone new, each character nominated tonight has made an impact in their fed that nominated them and others. Many of the characters nominated tonight may not have been around long, but almost all of them have won one or more titles with a few even winning world titles.

    But what makes them special is they do not need a title to be relevant, they make their presence known from small things like ICing to bigger things like promos. And while they may not be in a major story at times or on the losing end of a feud, they make every moment they get on a show count and that is why they are the cream of the crop. Tonight we honor every new character to join a fed but these select few have gone above and beyond the call of duty and in doing so, have received the honor of a nomination from creative members of said feds. But there can only be one Best New Superstar of 2012 so here are your nominees...

    From JBW-Van Hooligan X
    From EWA-Mike Hawk
    From TWE-Van Darius
    From EWNCW-Hanz Gruber
    From HWA-Erebus
    From WWE-Tyson Kidd
    From ICW/IWA-Mr Smyth

    And the Winner is.......

    Wrestlingfan pulls out an envelope, opening it up and pulls out the winner.

    Wrestlingfan: Van Hooligan X!

    VHX stands up, heading down the aisle and onto the stage where he is handed his award. He stands before the podium smirking.

    VHX: You like me! You really like me! :'D

    In all seriously just a massive thank you to the people who voted for me. I'm glad people see me as 2012s best newcomer and considering how many people started this year it's an honour.

    I can't stress how much fun I've had. Sure, drama and other BS drags it down so certain dumb asses can't see the fun side of this but it really is amazing to see the show quality the amazing writers pump into their respective show week in week out and I'm really happy I've at times had an important role helping these shows.

    So here is to another 12 months of penis pleasing reading!

    Van and Wrestlingfan walk off into the back, as Asherdelampyr walks out onto stage with an award in hand.

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    Asher: As just about all of you can tell by now, I love tag team wrestling. I love it so much that the voices in my head have tag partners. In efedding though we run across two really unique, and awesome situations. On one end, we have smart, charismatic, handsome men like myself, who love the sound of their own voice (or look of their own words, as it were) so much that we simply must be both halves of our team (sometimes with a manager/valet, don't judge )

    Others rely on partners sometimes an Ocean away, conversing via frenzied IM, and trying so hard to juggle all the decisions and effort it takes to make two people's creative vision become one cohesive design. Both types have their challenges, however we have many, many people who have successfully conquered them, giving us tag teams that will surely last the test of time (or until the server space is sold to a porn company, such is the internet) Without Further Ado, here, are the Nominees!

    Recieving a double nomination from both JBW, and EWA, they are the germans everyone loves to hate, or drink with, the Panzer Division!

    Next up, from TWE, a team with a bit of an old, old, incredibly old school flair (Like before the big BC/AD changeover man, waaaaayyy back) the Seven Deadly Sins!!!

    and next, from EWNCW, we have the irreplaceable, and unmistakable, The fun loving, and insane, the Jesting Madness!

    From the buried (and some say haunted) realm that once housed HWA, we have the team that honestly made me want to make one, The Best of The British!

    And Next up, from that strange e-fed where everyone looks vaguely familiar, but the storylines are always sharper than television, we have the All American Perfection!

    Last from the insane houses of Wrestling, ICW, and IWA We have these Biker guys, Black Blooded! (Never heard of them myself, but hey, whatever )

    And the Winners Are.........

    Asher pulls out an envelope, opening it.


    Grind Bastard walks down the aisle and up to the stage where Asher and Grind shake hands, as Asher hands Grind the award, and steps to the side. Grind stands before the podium, as everyone in attendance cheers for him.

    Grind: Who would have told me when I created Jesting Madness that I was going to become the best tag team of the year according to the e-ffeders? I had no idea that the team will ever become so great. To tell you the truth, I created Carlin to feud with Krysys and put him over, then somehow team him with Grind so they could join BWA. I managed to join the two, but for one reason or another, never joined BWA until they merged with EWNCW. Still, the best decision that could have been done.

    I won't bore you with the whole career of the team, so just noted that my best feud ever was against the Shadows of Madness, and still not done with God's Grace. It's been a pleasure to feud with both teams, and this prize is also their merit, thanks guys.

    This recognition makes me happy in two different ways. First, I do this for the fun I have doing it. But there's others that can have fun with my job, and getting their votes means they actually enjoy what I do. I try to be humble, but when people likes what you write, you are pleased, and so I am. The second thing is that I have to make my promos and IC stuff in English, which is not my mother tongue, so by getting this award not only I get the recognition of a good and proper use of English, but the ability to do good creative writing in a language not my own. These two things are good for my personality, as I tend to be more negative than positive. Maybe this can help me to focus more on the positive sides of myself. (I hope this doesn't get into my head, I know me!

    Finally, there's people that need to be thanked. First of all, those who voted me, for obvious reasons. Then to TBOZ, who was my master in the world of creating shows. Then Tommy Thunder, the Gandalf (or Yoda) of EWNCW, and who bears with my doubts even when I'm supposed to the the boss of Inferno, and who always amazes me with his writing skills, delivering great promos that take him not too much time. How do you do that?. Krysys and Vegas, those guys are simply awesome, you have to love them no matter what, dawg, they are like Keith Stone, so smooth!! Rich Cranium was my first partner when I first became head of Inferno and he always improved my guiding lines with his own inventive. Torphy and Rilla/The Joseph Banks have been creative partners and good minds to work with. King Strem is my current co-writer and the guy is amazing, also I think he doesn't get enough credit as a champion, I love and Hail the King!! SEZ is the one of the masterminds behind Brutality, without him (and Vegas) being so high on JM this wouldn't have been possible. Poot-Hair gave me the chance to shine on promo writing like I haven't before, a real pleasure to work with you, bro. HJ is always in for some IC banter, that's another real cool guy. There are many more, and I'm already boring you, but let me mention Chunkky, you've gotta love him no matter what. The guy makes me laugh even when I can't get everything he's saying. Always in for a good dose of Rummmmooorrrrrrrr Blitzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!! Finally, thanks to all in EWNCW/TWE, past and present and bearkg88 for this show

    Grind and Asher walk off to the back, as VHX walks out now, with the same smirk as before on his face, as he stands at the podium holding an award. Torphy comes out right behind him with another award, as both men stand at the podium.

    VHX: Hello everyone. Now I get the feeling you're mainly reading this for who has won the next award. Whoa people! Steady on there. Gimme a chance to explain the award first.

    The next award is for Shocker of the year! The single most surprising thing that happened throughout the year. A few notable things that failed to get to the nominations round would be Alex Kidd, breaking his spine in half about 3 times and wrestling a few days later, my character VHX not saying boo-boo in a promo and finally Jimmy Wang Yang being in the royal rumble of the WWE EFed.

    Now, before we get to the nominees, Torphy would like to speak in regards to the category, feud of the year.

    Ya know this year we've seen so many memorable feuds throughout the efeds that it must have been difficult to narrow it down to just seven. Any feud has the ability to make or break a character, but only the truly great ones can elevate all participants to heights reserved for the best and brightest in our hobby. Whether you've reached the pinnacle of the feds, or you're still waiting for that break out moment, all it takes is just one moment to turn things around. Here are the nominations.

    JBW has been through hard times, arguably the biggest fed on the forum at the start of the year, they were brought crashing down to earth through inactivity and infighting. However, they still managed to produce one of the biggest feuds of the year, not content to restrict themselves to individuals, JBW saw each of their three brands go head to head to head in the ultimate quest for supremacy, Showdown vs Warfare vs Mayhem.

    The now defunct EWA sprang up at a time where a lot of new users didn't feel they would get a lot out of joining an existing, established fed. Despite being regarded as surplus to demand by many, EWA went from strength to strength and silenced all doubters to establish themselves are a true force to be reckoned with. And with memorable feuds like Hanz Gruber vs Rob Rage, who could argue with that?

    Admittedly I know very little of TWE, save for the fact it is the feeder show for EWNCW. I have heard good reviews about it however. Nominated for TWE is Greed of the Seven Deadly Sins vs Van Hooligan X.

    EWNCW began the year on par with JBW, and has suffered a similar fate as its once fierce rival. Irregular shows and stalled revivals have opened the door for other feds to step up, and take EWNCWs place as the top dog on the forum. But with epic feuds such as the now retired Kayden James vs William Carlin, there is no doubt that EWNCW will be gunning for the top spot once again.

    HWA was as successful as it was tragic. Starting the year in a distant third place on EWN, HWA took advantage of the failing of the other feds and rose to heights unmatched by ANY fed on this forum since. HWA blew its competition out of the water with clever writing, adventurous booking and coming up with fantastic ideas such as HWA vs The Clique. But epic feuds such as this were unable to save HWA from what happened.

    Different to all other feds, the WWE fed was created solely to incorporate those who wished to play as their favourite wrestlers. Creating factions that never were but should have been, hosting dream matches that are any marks wet dream, WWE was able to book one of the stand out feuds of the year, CM Punk vs Edge.

    Finally, much like EWA, ICW/IWA came along at a time where many felt there wasn't a need for a new fed. Shaking this off, ICW went on to prove its ability to play with the big boys with the memorable feud of VHX vs Darius vs Kyojin, pitting three relative newcomers against each other, an elevating all three to legend status.

    VHX: And now, the nominees for shocker of the year.

    JBW-Eddie Juarez debuts the day HWA shuts down.

    CJ jumps out of a helicopter

    TWE-Seven Deadly Sins "Kill" Jason Solomon

    EWNCW-K-Jammin debuts

    HWA-The Clique Attacks KJ

    WWE-Edge Heel Turn

    ICW/IWA-Tommy Thunder named as special ref/debuts

    And the winners for Feud of the Year and Shocker of the Year.

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    Torphy and VHX open both of their envelopes.

    Torphy and VHX: The Clique attack KJ and the Clique vs HWA!

    Eddie, Magglis, Shining Light, and The Heartbreak Kid head down the aisle and onto the stage to applause from those in attendance, as Eddie stands before the podium holding the two awards.

    Eddie: This is amazing. HWA has really been doing fantastically tonight and I’d like to thank all of you for what you did. For The Clique vs. HWA to win the Feud of the Year and Shock of the Year awards show that we managed to pull off a great shock and then keep it up by slow burning it the way we planned to.

    The original idea of a Clique stable was actually pitched by Giddy but everybody in creative at the time was against it, including me. Not because the guys weren’t deserving, but because I felt that stables had been done and done again and it would be difficult to do it so that it was original. It was only when I realised these guys are actually mates on the boards that I realised the potential, and I backed it.

    With my backing, Broc & Sully actually backed up a little and allowed Giddy & I to take control of the feud. It was my idea to give them all championships, as Carlos Alberto Ramon was already the Adrenaline Champion and Alex Kidd was set to become the Universal Champion, Johnny Hot was one of the guys worthy of a world title, Chainz was easily capable of becoming the top guy on Redemption and Van had already been a World Champion in Alpha Revolution- and he proved there that he could handle it.

    Of course, by the time Summerfest came around, Pau had been banned and that threw the Universal Championship in the air. Thankfully, Mag had just joined for Total Resistance and even wrote out an introduction promo for the Summerfest PPV. Instead, I asked him to join Anarchy and told him the plan of him joining The Clique and becoming the Universal Champion in his first HWA match. He gratiously agreed and that’s how it went down.

    Also at Summerfest, Van became the HWA Champion, before, at Blood Rush we completed The Clique taking over and had Chainz & Johnny Hot pick up their championships. We felt that Death Row was the one place we needed to have The Clique have a weakness, as well as have them look strong to end the show, so that’s why we started the night with a returning Alex Kidd (with the permission of Pau) screwing Angelo to make Chris Divine the Universal Champion.

    Of course, the end of the show was very different with The Clique attacking Broc Flucker and Dave Sullivan making his return. Unfortunately, the storyline was never finished but it would have gone on for one more month, with Van turning face, and The Clique losing all their titles in one five-on-five match at Gut Check.

    Instead, we were left with no end, meaning that Chainz was the final ever HWA Extreme Champion, Van Hooligan X was the final ever HWA Champion and Carlos Alberto Ramon was the final ever HWA Adrenaline Champion. But this feud meant so much more than just a feud.

    To me, this feud was the entire reason HWA was at the top when it closed. Everybody, from Roba, KJ, Jman & the rest of the guys fighting The Clique to The Clique themselves worked their ass off and brought out their very best promo work- with some of the booking (mostly done by myself) being exceptional.

    But for me, The Clique themselves are the reason that this award was won- so I’d like to introduce Magglis, VanHooliganX, Shining Light and THE HEARTBREAK KID to speak a bit about the feud.

    Shining Light: There's not really much to say on my half, except that I want to thank everyone who voted for us, it really means a lot to know that people enjoyed our feud so much that they'd give us this award. I understand that the word "Clique" has a bit of a tainted reputation on this forum, but honestly people's assumptions about us couldn't be further than the truth.

    Sure, some members of the Clique have caused some problems for the mods and have been banned, but that doesn't mean that we should all be tarred with the same brush. Being in the Clique isn't a way of us trying to cause mischief, it's just us having fun with our friends on EWN. None of the remaining members have done anything that's worthy of a ban as far as I can recall, and I believe that it will be a very long time before you see the word "Banned" underneath any of our usernames.

    So thanks again for voting for us and thank you to the creative members of HWA for giving me the chance to prove myself as the Extreme Champion. Thank you!

    THBK: I have never been good when it comes to these speeches and I would like to apologise if my English lets me down LOL! Firstly, I am humbled and honoured to have been part of a group and storyline that has been voted for these awards, thank you to everyone that voted and thank you to the guys that were not part of the group, but played there part in the feud and the company.

    I guess it would only make sense to start at the beginning, the “Clique” though often seen as trouble on these boards simply started as mates from EWN that would talk in the football thread and then would socialise outside of the site, we would just all have a laugh and enjoy each others company and we dubbed our selves as the clique simply for no other reason then we were messing around and were mates.

    Then one day.. Me, Van Hooligan, Pau, Wade Barrett and Steve Austin were talking in the football thread and as many of us were already involved in E-ffeding me and Van had already discussed this idea.. we were trying to get Steve to join E-ffeding and we said it would be an awesome idea for us to join as one group.. Days, even weeks would pass and me and Van would persist with the idea and continue discussing idea’s.. we would then speak with Giddy who was a friend of ours and fellow “Clique” member and he really liked the idea.. He was then part of the HWA creative and took it on himself to try and get the idea on board with everyone else.. It’s my understanding and as Eddie mentioned earlier, it was an idea that was quickly turned down and most of the group thought that was that..

    Me, Van, Pau and Giddy would continue talking on the Xbox though.. We were not willing to give up what we thought could be an awesome idea if we did it right.. I believe Van or Pau even approached EWA about doing the idea there.. I’m not sure what Rob thought of the idea but it never happened.. I would then message Broc almost just asking for the chance, I told him we were not looking to get ahead of anyone else or didn’t even need to win any titles, it was just something as mates we wanted to do and it could be something that could be awesome for HWA, Broc liked the people involved.. But said it needed something else, he needed a reason to allow us to go ahead with it.. I said well you and Sully are feuding, why don’t we come in as Sully’s picked guys as we were all Heel.. Broc said he would think about it.. Again, we thought the idea was dead.

    Me, Van and Giddy would then speak once more and Giddy said the idea could happen, he said creative were starting to come around to the idea as we were all doing well individually.. Then the rest pretty much went like Eddie said and the Clique was born! Not with all the members originally planned.. But with other great guys like Shining, Magg’s and B-Mac.

    It’s a real shame that the feud never got to end.. But I’m happy with what we all achieved as a company, I will always love HWA for the moments and the people I met there, for the chances we were giving and for the friends and guys I got to team with..

    I can only some this up by saying thank you to everyone involved.

    Real VHX: Talk about a massive honour!Thank you!

    The tale is pretty much how THBK put when planting the seeds but it's Eddie and Giddy that helped it grow and without either it wouldn't of been as amazing as it was so majors props to Eddie!

    I've always found our Clique so funny. Treated like a conspiracy when we were just having a bit of fun in EFedding and the football banter thread. We thought why not pump this into EFedding. The amount of heat we could generate would be amazing. It's really great that this feud became so big. Just to win end of year awards is just pleasing on the penis, Y'know.

    I'm slightly catch 22 on the storyline ending as it did. I'm very sad HWA died, the stoylines never happened and it was the end of an amazing fed but 1 great thing about it was The Clique never lost. We were booked to face some of HWAs finest and brightest and it would've been 1 to remember for a long time. Whilst that never happened. The Clique can now be remember as an unbeaten team at the top of many factions that existed.

    A special thank you to all who voted, you're all so amazing, I owe you 1 back rub! I can't stress how much fun I've actually had EFedding the past year and although dramas happen every once in a while I'm glad every show I'm involved with is just amazing to read.

    I've waffled on quite enough but I just want to say thank you for the voters for giving The Clique this honour. Eddie, for being the beast writer he is and the other Clique members for bringing your A game as well

    Here's to another great year of EFedding and Jimmy Wang Yang becoming a part of the WWE EFed!

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    Magglis: Before i say anything else i want to thank Bear and Eddie for letting me say a few things.The whole story of me in HWA started with some luck.I wanted to join another e-fed and at that point of time Total Resistance was around.I wanted to join but they already had a roster for that.But luckily someone stepped down and i took his place.Then the bans came in and Eddie with the help of Giddy took in charge.With Pau and Alex kidd out they needed to find a similar character and they asked me to join the Clique and they also gave me the chance to be the Universal Champion.I remember my feud with Divine Bear's character.We both did a great job and did some great promos together.That feud is actually my favorite part of my efed experience.

    The clique it was THBK's idea actually.And for the guys who don't know Clique is a group of members in EWN mostly the guys who post in the football thread including me.Well THBK wanted to bring Clique to the e-feds and Giddy made it happened.I think we really had a great team and great characters and with Eddie's crazy and awesome ideas he took HWA to another level.With guys like Van who during his Clique run was twice a dual world champion,THBK who was the Adrenaline champion and he delivers the best promos in the E-Feds IMO,Shining with his character leading Redemption and off Course Giddy who was a top dog in HWA.Of course is worthy to mention that guys like Jman and Bear played a great role in the feud with their characters.

    Unfortunately like many great things Clique along with HWA ended fast but Clique and HWA already did enough.I will happily do a Clique reunion if it is needed one day.
    Again i want to thank Eddie for the opportunity the other Clique members and any other guy who was part of it.

    Clique is still alive......


    All of the men turn, heading off stage, as Eyehatecena walks out next with an award in hand. He stands before the podium.

    Eyehatecena: And now on to the category of Mid-carder of the Year. The nominees are- from JBW- the one and only Malcolm Cage, from EWA- the hated Johnny Hot, from TWE- one bad ass motherf'r- Scarfo Jonez, from EWNCW- The Freak Ryan Wells, from HWA- Rob f'n Rage. WWE-Cody Rhodes and finally from ICW/IWA-Shaz. And the winner is......wait for it, wait for it-

    EHC pulls out an envelope, and opens it.


    Robareid gets up from his seat, heading down the aisle and onto the stage where EHC and Roba huge. EHC hands Robareid the award, as Rob stands before the podium.

    Robareid: Wow, what an honor. A efedder strives his whole career to attempt to be called the best. Whether it’s in his company, division, weight class or whatever, to be the best is our goal. So to be called the best not just in the companies that I work in, but throughout the whole of the eFeds, that means a lot.

    Now I’m sure some people will say that “it’s only the top midcarder. It doesn’t mean anything. You’re the best out of the worst.” Well you know what, you’re right, it is only the top midcarder. But look at some of the “midcarders” we have around here. So many amazing guys didn’t even make the list. Then look at the shortlist. You had guys like Malcolm Cage, Johnny Hot and a load of others. I’ll be honest, I tried to look, but all the threads have been merged, and I can’t remember who else got nominated, but moving swiftly onwards, there was a lot of talent nominated. And hell, maybe it was ONLY the midcarders, but to be placed on top of a heap above the talent that’s been grouped into that class, you try telling me that doesn’t mean anything.

    Last year, 2011, I was awarded the HWA Midcarder of the Year. This year, it seems I’ve moved up to the eWN Midcarder of the year. Now, as much of an honor as it is and was to receive both these awards, I don’t plan on winning yet another Midcarder of the Year title next year. That’s because Rob Rage heading for the top, and there’s nothing that can stop him. I’m on an upwards trajectory, and whoever wins the big one this year, Superstar of the Year, better watch out, because the Best of British is coming for the top. 2012 has been a great year or me, first PPV main event, first championship won, first world championship won. But 2013 better watch out, because I don’t care if there’s the end of the world around the corner, because the Best of British is going to have a career defining year, and not even Armageddon can stop me!

    Robareid holds the award high, as he and EHC turn, heading off into the back. Rehmix walks out next with an award in hand, and an envelope sticking out of his top pocket.

    Rehmix: Good evening ladies and gentlemen, tonight we will continue to celebrate what the wonderful eFeds on EWN have done and accomplished. I have the wonderful chance of presenting the award for Newcomer User of the Year. In the close two years I have been doing this, I have seen users come and go, but these users have made huge impacts in there own special ways in there respective eFeds. Tonight we will honor these users and award one of them with the title Newcomer of the Year. The nominees for Newcomer User of the Year are...

    From EWA... Asherdelampyr

    From HWA... bearkg88

    From IWA... BennytheBall

    From JBW... No_1eddiefan

    From TWE... scribbler_jones

    From WWE... S.E. Zero

    And From EWNCW... Shaz11

    And the winner is...

    Rehmix pulls out the envelope, opening it.

    Rehmix: No_1Eddiefan!

    Eddie walks out from the back this time, holding the two awards from earlier, as he stands at the podium now with the third.

    Eddie: Newcomer (user) of the year? Wow, thanks guys. It really means a lot. This year has definitely been a year where I’ve been able to say that I showed my writing to people and they actually enjoyed it!

    I’ve been chattering on a lot this show but I just wanna thank SEZ & the Pittsburgh Cousins who must not be named for really getting me into efedding. Giddy too for encouraging me to make my own character and stick him on Redemption.

    The fact is, I’m technically not a newcomer this year as I was affliated with HWA from last November but until early February, I actually did next to nothing. From February, I got much more involved, writing shows and everything.

    I’ve worked for HWA, WWE Fantasy Fed (who I still do work for), EWNCW & JBW (who I also work for). I also wrote a couple matches for ICW and I have a match in the final EWA show. And only a few guys know this but I was actually the original co-owner of IWA when it started up, but after JBW began to pick up again, I stepped back and let Bear get on with what he does best.

    I wanna thank everybody that voted for me. It’s honestly a great honour.

    Eddie turns, heading off into the back with Rehmix. Bear walks back out now with an award in hand, as he stands at the podium.

    Bear: Well folks, it's time for the next award. Match of the Year. Now, for those of you who have never written a match before, it takes the right equation to equal an amazing match. To me, you have to have the right balance of shock, awe, and realism all rolled into one. If you have too much shock and awe, people will say it's a good match but it had too many big moments. If you have too much realism, people will say it's a good match but nothing stuck out. Finding the right balance between the two can be tough, but when you do find it, people will be singing to the hills with how great of a match it was, and each of these matches that are nominated, are easily match of the year for each efed, and are worthy of being title match of the year for EWN as a whole, but only one can take the title. So, here are the nominees.

    From JBW, we have Siaki vs Shuriken.

    From EWA, we have Michael the Achangel vs Alex the Kid at Clash at the Colosseum

    From TWE we have Greed vs Van Hooligan X at Ring of Redemption

    From EWNCW we have Shadows of Madness vs Jesting Madness at Pain for Treasure

    From HWA we have Jman vs Johnny Hot at Death Row

    From WWE we have CM Punk vs Edge at Wrestlemania

    And lastly, from ICW and IWA, we have Artemis Eclipse vs Van Hooligan X at No Remorse

    Bear pulls out the envelope, opening it.

    Bear: And the winner is, EWNCW with Shadows of Madness vs Jesting Madness at Treasure for Pain in a Ladder Match!

    Grind Bastard, Krysys, S.E. Zero and Vegas all walk to the stage, smiling, as everyone is applauding them.

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    Vegas: Wow, out of all the matches that were nominated you guys picked one I wrote. It is a huge honor and privileged to have this match win. The feud between The Shadows of Madness and Jesting Madness was by far one of the best we had on Brutality and this match was the only one in this feud that I wrote and I put my heart and soul into this match. It means the world to me that one of the last matches I wrote won Match of the Year. From the bottom of my heart, thank you all. I would like to have Grind Bastard, Zero and Krysys say a little something since it was their promo work that helped make this match so great. First up is Zero

    Zero: Thank you, Vegas. It feels amazing that we got the Match of the Year. It's insane to think, that our feud with Grind_Bastard would be on that level but that's we set out to do. To put on a show every time we set foot in the ring and make a memorable feud for all to see. I know Grind will have a few words to say but The Shadows of Madness could not be complete with my brother from another mother, Krysys. Take it away bro.

    Krysys: First, I want to thank Grind and Zero, these two guys made it so easy for me. The three of us had a natural chemistry with our characters that just made the feud it self something special. This Ladder match was a thing of beauty, and not to sound conceited or anything it truly comes as no surprise to see a Shadows/Jesting Madness match win this award. Vegas was brilliant in writing this and he and Zero worked wonders in making this a match to remember.

    To Grind, your work as Carlin and Grind Bastard is truly amazing, this match would not have been anywhere near as meaningful, if not for you. You were able to bring out a side of myself and Zero that I had not seen from us in quite sometime. So again I thank you for your amazing ability and creative mind.

    Now to the fans who voted, thank you. You guys, the ones who read Brutality and cheer us each and every week. Without you we would not be here writing these matches and putting everything we have into it. So again Thank you and I hope you continue to support us, now I pass it to the other individual responsible for this amazing feud, please welcome Grind_Bastard!!!

    Grind: What an honor!!! There have been lots of great matches throughout the year in all the different e-feds, but you guys decided to choose Jesting Madness vs. Shadows of Madness Ladder Match. For me, this one is special, because not only we managed to retain the belts, but we did it clear, having in mind that we barely won them (SoM hit the Nightmare of the Shadows on Grind from top of the cage, hitting a laying Carlin and destroying the ring. We were awarded the belts because Carlin managed to stand up to his feet). So it was special for this one speaking to you.

    I have to thank all who voted for us, of course, but especially to Krysys, Straight Edge Zero and Vegas. It's been a pleasure to work with Krysys and Zero, they provided the fuel Jesting Madness needed to break their own glass ceiling and improve as a tag team. The confidence I gained writing promos was largely due to the challenge that was promo-ing with you two fellas. And thanks to Vegas are mandatory for his writing, he made both teams look like a million bucks and provided a magnificent sequel to the original match and the beginning of the feud's grand finale.

    Thank you all!!

    The four men turn, walking to the back, as Bear steps back to the podium once more, with another envelope and trophy.

    Bear: Big congrats to EWNCW for that win, as it was much deserved. Now, onto our next award. There comes a time in efedding, where your character needs to change. Maybe its to freshen your character up, or maybe it's to take them to the next level. Either way, when that time comes, your character turns from heel to face, or face to heel, or somewhere in between as a tweener. These turns can be slowly built up, or it can be a flash in the pain moment, happening in a brief second. Either way, these turns can lead to surprising moments, and with that, we have our next award. Turn of the Year. The nominees are...

    For JBW-Jman's Heel Turn

    For EWA-Mike Hawk's heel turn

    For TWE-Adrian Leavitt's Face turn

    For EWNCW-Krystian Krysys's heel turn

    For HWA-AJ Dixon's turn

    For WWE- Edge's heel turn

    For ICW and IWA-Ryan Wells heel turn....and the winner is...

    Bear opens the envelope.

    Bear: Krystian Krysys's heel turn in EWNCW!

    Krysys walks out from the back and to the podium, as Bear hands him the award and the two men shake hands.

    Krysys: First of all, thanks to those who voted. I was really surprised that people responded so well to my heel turn. Secondly, I would like to thank EWNCW Creative fr giving me the chance to be heel, as I feel that my face run had gone as far as it could. I also would like to thank everyone I have worked with, for giving me the ammunition needed to make this heel turn work, that goes to eboy, Tommy Thunder, Gillz, and of course Inferno Writer Grind_Bastard and Kingstrem! Thanks again guys!

    Bear and Krysys turn, heading off stage. Magglis walks out onto the stage now, holding an envelope and a trophy.

    Magglis: To be champion in an e-fed in EWN i believe is a great accomplishment. But most of the times is a great honor.To become a champion shows how much appreciated and trusted you are to lead the show as champion.But always there is one guy who does it better than the others.Ladies and gents this is the 2012 champion of the year award and here are our nominees.Representing JBW Roman Flare(User RomanFlare) the former JBW World Champion,representing EWA Alex Kidd (user pauandrian) Current EWA World Champion, representing TWE Van Hooligan X(User VanHooliganX) the former TWE World Champion, representing EWNCW King Strem (user Kingstrem) the current International Champion, representing HWA and i have to say with no disrespect to the other champs Carlos Alberto Ramon is my favorite (user THBK) the last HWA Adrenaline Champion, representing WWE Chris Jericho (User Tommy Thunder) the current WWE Champion and finally representing ICW/IWA Black Blooded (user Asher) the last ICW tag team champions.All great champions all deserve to get a nomination but only one is the champion of the year.And the winner is.......

    Magglis opens the envelope

    Maggs: Carlos Alberto Ramon!

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    The Heartbreak Kid stands up from his seat, and heads down the aisle and onto the stage to nothing but applause from all of his friends and those in attendance. Magglis and THBK hug, as Maggs hands THBK the award. THBK stands before the podium.

    THBK: Wow.. I was shocked and humbled to even be nominated and then when I seen who I was up against it made me even more shocked that I won.. I would like to take this time to thank everyone that voted, that was involved in HWA or anyone that supported me.. When I joined this site, E-ffeding was the main reason.. I was so fascinated by it but it was something I was not sure I could ever do.. I would watch and read the shows for a couple of weeks before ever asking to join one, taking time to draft some idea’s on a character, eventually I would pluck up the courage and ask to join one..

    Role on a couple of months and the company I chose.. HWA, has been to the top and gone.. And I’m now collecting the champion of the year award.. Just so humbling! Again I can only say thank you.. To Sully and Broc, yes they are banned and did what they did.. But they gave me the chance, a chance I would never have taken had it not been for there encouragement and advice.. Then to Eddie, the guy is simply amazing, the best creative mind on here and a man I consider a friend.. When he told me he was going to pick me as champion I actually wondered if he got the wrong guy, I thought me? Really? He would back me and honestly make me feel like I was the best in the world.. Because of him, I was able to grow and really develop my character, because of him I was able to enjoy some amazing times on this website.. Eddie, thank you man.

    Then the people at HWA, guys like Jman, Rob, Tommy Thunder, people I was not friendly with at the time but all guys that inspired me to become better, people I looked at and thought… wow these guys are good, last I would like to thank the people I feuded with and the friends I enjoyed the company moments with, people like Van Hooligan, Pau, Shining, Torphy, Wade Barrett, Giddy, Bear, Magg’s and everyone involved with HWA, .. You all played your part and I’m grateful that together I really felt we help made HWA the best company on here..

    One again.. Just thank you!

    Oh! and I would like to dedicate this award to Scott Hall.. Well.. I did steal his gimmick so it’s the least I could do!

    THBK and Magglis turn, heading off into the back, as BennyTheBall walks out next, holding an envelope and a trophy.

    BennytheBall: All good characters are alike in that they are truer than if they really existed, and after you have finished writing your promos and your stories, you will feel that it all happened to you and it all belongs to you; the good, the bad, the ecstasy, the remorse, the sorrow, the people, the places and even how the weather was. If you can get to the point so that you can give that feeling to the reader, then you are a successful creative writer.

    This is as true as anything when it comes to the individuals who are nominated in the category of Superstar of the year. These guys were selected because they have created the most exciting superstars in their respective efeds on eWN. Not only that, but they have been maintaining a level of quality that we have all strived to both match and surpass.

    From a personal perspective, I have found these characters to be enjoyable, entertaining, thought provoking and – quite possible the most important – the most inspirational. I’m sure that I’m not alone in thinking that, and I am both delighted and humbled to have been selected to say a few short words, remind everyone of the nominations and announce the winner.

    So without further adieu, the nominations are:

    For JBW, TheDevilsAdvocate
    For EWA, Rob Rage
    For TWE, Van Hooligan X
    For EWNCW, Tommy Thunder
    For HWA, Jman
    For WWE, Chris Jericho
    And for ICW and IWA, Kyojin

    Benny opens the envelope

    And the winner is......KYOJIN!

    Eddie walks to the stage now, as Benny hands the award to Eddie, smirking. Benny steps off to the side, as Eddie stands before the podium.

    Eddie: Honestly, this is crazy. I can’t believe that people would pick Kyojin over the other guys in the poll. I’m really quite touched that people have voted for me.

    When I first created Kyojin, he was a heel and I was struggling to really find his gimmick- and honestly it was difficult for me. At times I thought that I was going to run out of material but when Bear began to hint at a feud with Clint Foster for Kyo, I found my better writing when he was acting more like a face.

    Obviously he took off as a full face and this is undoubtful but he is now the most successful of my characters. And that’s down to the guys that believed in him, so thanks to Bear mostly for giving me a chance in ICW.

    Also, a quick thanks to Zero (bromance FTW!) for coming up with the name Kyojin. Originally, he was actually named PapetoMaseto (Puppet Master in Japanese) but Zero rightly pointed out that was a mouthful and I’m glad he did because I love the name Kyojin- it’s actually my favourite word in Japanese now.

    And I’d just like to quickly address the guys I beat in this poll.

    Tommy Thunder/Chris Jericho- Tommy bro, it shows how great you are at this stuff that you had two guys in a poll of six guys. I voted Jericho because I feel out of everybody in the WWE Fantasy Fed, you’re the guy that week in, week out manages to get the exact things Jericho would say. And as for Tommy Thunder the character, that guy is unbelievable. You proved in EWNCW & HWA that he works as both a face and a heel and the fact you’re in the EWN Efed Hall of Fame proves that you deserved this spot. In my eyes, you’re the best promo writer on the forums and I’d love to work with you in future.

    Jman- Now J is a great friend of mine on the boards and he’s always a great guy to work with. He was the guy who opened my very first episode of Havoc, my very first episode of Anarchy and a guy who constantly impressed me with his promo skills. You proved in your short run as a heel in JBW that Jman works as both face and heel and the fact I’ve won this award above you shocks me as much as the fact I won over Tommy too. It was a simple task to nominate you for this award. I hope I can feud with you in future for sure.

    Rob Rage- Roba, I’m so glad you’re back man. When HWA went down and you took a step back, the fact you were gone actually upset me more than the fact HWA went down. Rob Rage is the best face on this board without a shadow of a doubt and when J told me you were back, I was so pumped for your return. You proved your credentials with your promo at Blood Harvest and honestly, the sky is the limit for you right now man. I can’t wait to see where Rage goes next.

    Van Hooligan X- Van bro, FUCK YOU! I WON! AGAIN! Hahahaha, I’m messing man. Honestly, the fact Kyo is currently feuding with Van in EWNCW has made me so glad to be in that fed. Van is an unbelievable character and the fact you’re already a three time World Champion in one year proves how damn good you are.

    TDA- Not much I can say about this guy as I haven’t followed his career too much, but I will say that you deserve to be the current JBW World Champion- that was actually my idea to give you that title at Blood Harvest and I know it’s fully deserved. Somebody I’d love to work with in future and I hope one day we can get that sorted. Juarez-TDA has to happen!

    Finally, I’d like to thank everybody that voted for me as without those votes, I wouldn’t get this award, as undeserving as I am. Look out for Kyo in future, some big stuff coming up!

    Eddie and Benny turn, heading off into the back, as Bear walks out once more, with another award and envelope.

    Bear: For the next award, this is a culmination of a long build up. The award is PPV of the Year. Now why I say this is a culmination of a long build up is because for a PPV to be considered, the best, it has to have all of the right things. The right build up in feuds, the right matches, and the right flow. Each of these PPV's could easily be considered PPV of the year, but only one can take the cake, so, let's get on to the nominees!

    For JBW, we have Blood Harvest!

    For EWA, we have Clash at the Colosseum!

    For TWE we have A-Rev's Ring of Redemption!

    For EWNCW we have Pain for Treasure!

    For HWA we have Hardcore Heaven!

    For WWE we have In Your House!

    And finally for IWA and ICW we have IWA's Lost Cause!

    Bear opens the envelope..

    Bear: And the winner is....EWNCW and Pain for Treasure!

    Tommy Thunder walks down the aisle and onto the stage, where Bear shakes his hand and hands him the award.

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    Tommy: Well first of all, I didn't think for one second that Pain for Treasure would win this award. I thought that there were better ppv's had this year, so to see that the public thought that EWNCW produced the best show of 2012 is a very humbling feeling to the EWNCW creative team.

    A lot of work went into that show and we saw a good few great matches. We saw Krystian Krysys retaining the EWNCW championship against Tommy Thunder, TBOZ defending the World Heavyweight Championship against Seraphim, Ryan Wells winning his first EWNCw Championship by beating Ronaldo Romulus for the Evolution Championship, K-Jammin in his first match in EWNCw beating Silver Cena in an unsanctioned match, and this ppv included the match of the year of course when we saw The Jesting Madness taking on The Shadows of Madness in a ladder match with the EWNCW Blacklist Championships on the line. Just some of the matches we saw there, but all were great and captivating ones.

    I would like to thank the roster first of all for their good promo work leading into the ppv. Without that, the ppv wouldn't have been worth reading, so on behalf of the creative team thank you guys for that.
    Secondly, I'd personally like to thank TBOZ, Vegas, SEZ, King, and Irishman for your work in writing the matches for the ppv. Be proud that you contributed to this show.

    Finally, thank you to the people that took the time to read the show and adjudge that it was the better show presented this year. We're all at EWNCW very grateful that you decided to vote for us and we hope that we can continue to bring you top notch shows throughout 2013.

    Thank you all!

    Tommy and Bear turn off, heading into the back, as Shining walks onto the stage to a round of applause from the audience. When he reaches the podium, he waves to a few people before clearing his throat and begins to speak*

    Shining: One quality that any top e-fedder must have is the ability to write a great promo, which begs the question, "What makes a great promo?". The answer to that is a matter of opinion, since different people have different preferences when it comes to their preferences. They could prefer a long promo with lots of detail, or a short promo that gets straight to the point. The next category is "Promo of the Year" and I must admit that, when asked to present this award, I actually had not read all of the nominees. So I decided to do some research and read all of the promos that had made the final cut, and believe me when i say that I wasn't dissapointed. However, there can only be one winner, so without further ado the nominees for "Promo of the Year" are:

    Rob Rage shoots on HWA at Blood Harvest - JBW

    Ivan Gretzky's 10 Amazing things more Amazing than Andy Amazing - EWNCW

    Greed from TWE Overdrive (10/9/2012) - TWE

    Johnny Hot/Chris Divine on Anarchy - HWA

    Kyojin cashes in for Glory Days - ICW/IWA

    CM Punk/Edge on the Cutting Edge - WWE

    Shining opens the envelope.

    And the winner is...Rob Rage!

    Robareid makes his way to the stage once more, holding his award from earlier.

    Rob: Promo of the Year. This, this award right here is a big deal. You look at the talent that we have on here, to be recognised as having cut the best promo of the year, that’s a damn prestigious award. And funnily enough, the promo I won this award for was probably one of my easiest of the year. All I did was speak from the heart, and apparently it came out rather well.

    So thanks for voting for me if you did, it means a lot. Recognition isn’t something you get a lot of here on eWN, and this is a huge dollop of it.

    Roba holds the trophy high, as he turns, heading into the back with Shining. Bear walks out once more, this time holding two trophys and two envelopes.

    Bear: Ok folks, we are down to our final two awards. For the first of the two final awards, we have the category of Promo Do-er of the Year. Now the nominees in this category embody people who get promo's in on a timely manner, who show progression week in and week out with promos, and always manage to stay relevant and keep us wanting more. Here are the nominees.

    For JBW, Rob Rage!

    For EWA, Van Hooligan X!

    For TWE, S.E. Zero!

    For WWE and EWNCW, K2Jelly!

    For HWA, Tommy Thunder!

    For IWA and ICW, Shaz11

    Bear opens the first envelope...

    Bear: And the winner is...Tommy Thunder!

    Tommy walks back out onto the stage with a humble smile on his face, as the roof is going to tear off from all of the applause.

    Tommy: Thank you very much for all who voted for me for this award. It's again humbling to see that so many think that I cut the best promos in the feds here. I truly don't think so, but I really appreciate that others seem to think so!

    I was nominated for this category based on my HWA work, and I am quite happy about that since I've done most of my best promo work while working for HWA.
    Thunder was a heel in HWA, and I've always found it easier to portray a heel. But having said that, I'm a firm believer that it's generally easier to be a heel than a face. It's much easier to say things or find things to make people hate you. Being an effective face is much harder IMO.

    But I'm glad that during my time in HWA that my promo work was worthy of 2 HWA World title runs and worthy of being a constant in the main event for the duration of my time there. I'm just disappointed that HWA ended the way it did, since I was scheduled to come back for another run there in September/October. But for when it lasted, good times were had, and I had a lot of good times playing the heel side of Thunder and hopefully entertaining with my promos.

    So with that said, thanks very much again for this award, and hopefully I can continue to entertain through my promos for a long time to come

    Tommy raises the award, as he heads off into the back. Bear stands back at the podium, with the final award.

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    Bear-Now, it brings me alot of honor to present this final award. This final award is Creative of the Year. Now for those who haven't been involved in the creative process, it's alot harder than some might think. Who to push, who not to push, where to take a feud, who should be a champ, who shouldn't, who should win or lose, how you are going to make your efed be relevant, it all comes down onto the shoulders of that respective creative person. We have seen are are currently seeing some amazing people be on creative, and now, it is the chance for those people to shine. Here are the nominees.

    For JBW, Kashdinero and Jman.

    For EWNCW, Tomm Thunder

    For TWE, Krysys

    For HWA, No_1eddiefan

    For WWE, The Heartbreak Kid

    For EWA, Robareid

    And finally, for ICW and IWA, yours truly, Bearkg88.

    Bear opens the envelope.

    And the winner is.....NO_1EDDIEFAN!

    The roof explodes, as everyone is applauding Eddie. He heads down the aisle and onto the stage, where Bear hands him the award, smirking, and steps off and onto the back. Eddie is left alone on the stage, as an Eddie chant breaks out.

    Eddie: Creative of the year? Wow guys, seriously this means more than anything else I’ve won tonight. The fact is, I came to this site to be creative in my BTB (RIP IIWVM) and I’d not even heard of efedding in the slightest when I first joined EWN.

    When I first looked at an efed show, I saw that it was created characters and I thought ‘well that looks weird’ and I really didn’t give it another glance until around about the time SEZ & I began to speak more and became friends on the boards. He introduced me to the idea and when HWA were looking for a writer, Broc actually sent me a PM and asked if I’d be interested.

    I hesitated for a little bit before Zero once again spoke to me about the background of efedding. I agreed to apply for the position and I actually came up short, with AYS being picked above me. I don’t hold any grudge and it took me another month and a half to join HWA as Broc decided they needed more help.

    So in about October, I joined HWA. And by December, I’d made about one real change to the company, I was barely any help for anybody in the company, I never interacted with anybody in the efed section and in all honesty, HWA didn’t even mean that much to me. I cared more for my BTB and in January I actually considered quitting HWA because I felt I wasn’t getting involved enough- or even really cared about getting involved.

    Eventually, I have two people to thank for becoming more involved. And it may shock you who. Number one- ‘the best heel in the business’, the mind behind Kevin Matthews- THEKEVINBRAND. By the time this happened, I was interacting heavily with everybody in HQ but I was much more of a yes man than anything. Anyway, Kev was moaning in the thread about his idea never coming to anything in HWA and I had an opinion- as I always tend to do- so I confronted him and actually ended up putting him in his place.

    This didn’t really change much though and it was actually immediately after Victory Point in January that I decided I was going to be much more than just a yes man. Now for those of you that read Victory Point- I never had a single thing to do with that PPV. It was a great PPV but in the comments afterwards, Ka$hdinero congratulated me along with the rest of creative on putting on a great show.

    I wasn’t about to just pipe up that I’d done nothing and nobody else said anything but it got a bit of fire in my stomach started. I became much more opinionated in HQ and in February, stepped up to write an episode of Redemption. It was well received, but then AYS- who had stepped up to Havoc- had to step back and Broc asked me if I wanted to continue doing Redemption (which I had begun to make plans for) or step up and do Havoc.

    Originally, I told Broc I wanted to stick to Redemption as I didn’t feel ready to step up to Havoc. Then I realised that Havoc needed a more established writer and a newcomer was going to be coming in to write the show I didn’t choose anyway. I chose to be Havoc writer on the fact that I was the more established creative guy in HWA.

    The first Havoc after Aftershock, I began to write from there, and honestly, I’ve never looked back. After weeks of writing Havoc (a month with the Anarchy roster also involved after Broc took a break), I wrote my first PPV in Doomsday and wrote the draft special. I then jumped over to Anarchy and wrote that. I really found my forte on Anarchy. A quick thanks gotta go to the guys I had on there- guys like J, who was outstanding week in, week out and World Champ for most of the time on Anarchy. Roba, who left me speechless on numerous occasions. Giddy, who despite everything was a great help and a great champion. EHC, who did wonders with both Hanz & The Panzer Division. Zapph, when he was around made Luke Jameson the BEST heel in HWA, no doubt about it. Pau, who was great as Alex Kidd. Des, Vulgar was a brilliant addition. Mag, who gave me his all every time as Angelo and Bear, who as Divine was my favourite upcoming midcarder- and would have been Supremacy World Champion by this time had HWA not closed down. You guys made Anarchy into what it was when I was writing it.

    HWA ran smoothly for months, and it was in June that the first hiccup occured. I’m talking, of course, about just before Summerfest. Giddy was already complaining that he wanted to step down from Redemption- and then Broc, Sully & Giddy were all banned, leaving me as the only active HWA creative member. I got Summerfest out and managed to bring in KJ & Asher to help out. Both of these guys were inexperienced but immediately stepped up to write Redemption & Total Resistance. Without these two guys, I have no doubt that HWA would have closed down sooner, so I’m incredibly grateful to them.

    Giddy, when he returned, stepped up to Havoc but after one show, wanted to step down completely and I agreed as I managed to get Destruction involved. Des never actually wrote a show for HWA as he was on holiday and HWA was on a break- and by the time Des got back, Sully had been allowed back on EWN and wrote Havoc again. I was a bit disappointed that I wasn’t able to work with Des on creative in HWA but I work with him in WWE Fantasy Fed and I’m glad for that. From around July to late August when we got Death Row out, HWA was the top fed. No doubt about it. The sheer amount of awards it’s won tonight has proved that.

    I find it quite ironic that as soon as HWA went to Death Row, a few days later it closed. It upset me to see HWA go down and the way it happened was even more disappointing. I won’t speak much about the WWE Fantasy Fed and JBW as they are the future of 2012 was the year of HWA.

    Thanks to everybody that voted for me and long live HWA.

    Eddie stands, holding the award, as the camera's fade to black.

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    Ok guys. The whole show is up. Hope you enjoy reading it, and be sure to share any comments you have here. Congrats to the winners!

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    I'll fully read the show after I get home from work but from what I have skimmed through, it looks awesome.

    Benny The Ball's Teddy is here to fuck you up...

    ...and then steal your girl!



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