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    2012 EWN End of the Year Awards

    The camera pans, and we see all kinds of people sitting inside of the awards ceremony hall. People like Tommy Thunder, Krysys, Vegas, S.E. Zero, Vandarius, VanHooligan X, Shining Light, Torphy, Glamour Girl, No_1eddiefan, Shaz11, Magglis, Kashdinero, TheDevilsAdvocate, and many others. We see a banner with each efed being represented by the stars of the respective efed, and we see a TV screen behind the podium. After a moment, Bearkg88 walks out from the back in a nice suite and tie, as he walks to the podium.

    Bearkg: Before we get into the awards, I wanted to take a second to look back at the year EWN has had. We've had good moments, bad moments, shocking moments, and sad moments. We've gained new friends, we've lost old ones, and we've kicked some of the bat crazy people to the door. 2012 shaped up to be an amazing year for EWN, with highs and lows, but through it all, some efeds stood tall above the others. Tonight, we will look back on those respective efeds and all the work that went into them, and the people who are part of them. So ladies and gentlemen, without any further adieu, lets get on with the show!

    Everyone cheers and claps, as Bear pulls an envelope out of his jacket pocket.

    Bearkg: I get the honor of handing out the first award, and that award is Veteran of the Year. With this award, it gives everyone a chance to look back at people who have been active in the efedding community and made an impact, big or small, and while they may not be as active now, they have left an imprint that will be remembered. So, here are the nominees! For JBW we have The Prophecy. For EWA, we have Jman. For TWE, we have S.E. Zero. For EWNCW we have The Beard of Zeus aka TBOZ. For HWA and WWE, we have Tommy Thunder, and for ICW and IWA, we have Chunkkknutz. So, without any further delay, the winner is....

    Bear opens the envelope, pulling out the name of the winner.


    Tommy stands up with a humble smile to his face, as he walks to the stage, where he is handed a wrestling trophy, as Bear steps to the side.

    Tommy: I have to say receiving this award is very humbling to me. I've been involved in the feds on EWN effectively since the feds started.

    My first post in the EWNCW thread came on the 11/1/11, and that's when I joined EWNCW. From that date, I've been constantly involved in the feds, so it's coming up to 2 years now. I've also been involved on the creative side since August 2011, so it's been about 1 and a half years there too. So to get this award gives some great satisfaction for and feels like a thank you for all that hard work.

    I've put so much work into EWNCW, and any other fed I've been involved with, it's nice to get this little pat on the back as a thank you and "job well done" so to speak.

    If you've been here to witness the ride with me, then you'll know that it's been quite the roller-coaster! For those that weren't here, then I could be here for 40 days and 40 nights telling you the whole story, but I'd direct you towards my 'Inside the Tights' interview, which gives a good insight to a lot of things.

    It's been a great 2 years for me in the feds, and I wouldn't change it for the world. I love contributing to anything I can help with in the feds, and I just hope I can continue for as long as I can doing what i do.

    Again, thanks very much to all who voted me in for this award, and here's to hoping for a great 2013 for EWN's feds!

    Tommy and Bear step off screen, as Wrestlingfan walks out onto the stage with an award in hand. He stands infront of the podium.

    wrestlingfan66513: Good evening everyone, I am going to do my best to deliver an Oscar caliber speech for this grand moment tonight so wish me luck. 2012 has been a big year for the efeds in terms of characters. We have lost some really good guys over the last months and I'm sure we wish them all the best of luck wherever their at and we have gotten rid of some users that have lost their path and tainted our sanctuary.

    But one of the highlights of this year have been all of the new characters to grace the small screen. Whether they came from new minds just entering the efeds or established guys looking to try someone new, each character nominated tonight has made an impact in their fed that nominated them and others. Many of the characters nominated tonight may not have been around long, but almost all of them have won one or more titles with a few even winning world titles.

    But what makes them special is they do not need a title to be relevant, they make their presence known from small things like ICing to bigger things like promos. And while they may not be in a major story at times or on the losing end of a feud, they make every moment they get on a show count and that is why they are the cream of the crop. Tonight we honor every new character to join a fed but these select few have gone above and beyond the call of duty and in doing so, have received the honor of a nomination from creative members of said feds. But there can only be one Best New Superstar of 2012 so here are your nominees...

    From JBW-Van Hooligan X
    From EWA-Mike Hawk
    From TWE-Van Darius
    From EWNCW-Hanz Gruber
    From HWA-Erebus
    From WWE-Tyson Kidd
    From ICW/IWA-Mr Smyth

    And the Winner is.......

    Wrestlingfan pulls out an envelope, opening it up and pulls out the winner.

    Wrestlingfan: Van Hooligan X!

    VHX stands up, heading down the aisle and onto the stage where he is handed his award. He stands before the podium smirking.

    VHX: You like me! You really like me! :'D

    In all seriously just a massive thank you to the people who voted for me. I'm glad people see me as 2012s best newcomer and considering how many people started this year it's an honour.

    I can't stress how much fun I've had. Sure, drama and other BS drags it down so certain dumb asses can't see the fun side of this but it really is amazing to see the show quality the amazing writers pump into their respective show week in week out and I'm really happy I've at times had an important role helping these shows.

    So here is to another 12 months of penis pleasing reading!

    Van and Wrestlingfan walk off into the back, as Asherdelampyr walks out onto stage with an award in hand.


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