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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkside Ron Garvin View Post
    Alright, so what if the episode was entertaining. It wasn’t TNA! It was filled with a bunch of pre-taped garbage that TNA is using to rip-off WWE. TNA is about wrestling, pure and simple. For them to go out there and try to have some jobbers in a prime spot, posing and dancing, is reminiscent of what the bikini contests featuring Mae Young were in the WWE. For TNA to abuse what could have been another 5 star match, and turn Roode – Aries 2 into a comedy match is pathetic. I blame this totally on Eric Bischoff and his “reality” wrestling crap he is trying to throw down the throats of us hardcore TNA fans!

    Seriously, they are taking perhaps the best promo that AJ Styles cut all year long and making it a mockery just to try and get Kaz and Daniels off his coattails?! If I was AJ, I’d sign with the WWE so he no longer has to deal with the abuse Hogan is giving to him. And for Kenny King to walk away from ROH only to be used in backstage segments is ridiculous. This kid should be the X-Division, TV, Tag Team, and WHC holder all at once! He is money and there is no character build needed! I have never once seen him have a bad match in TNA and this kind of “entertainment” is just furthering TNA’s downward spiral into being bankrupt in the next 10 years. If TNA wants to succeed, they need to avoid doing anything entertaining as to separate them from the WWE product…

    Oh yeah, and bring back the 6 sided ring, fire Hogan, Fire Bischoff, Fire Dixie, and fire Jeff Hardy and anyone who has ever said the three letters WWE on TV… By the way, Mike Tenay sucks and fuck you BMAC!
    You're so welcome.

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