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    TNA Entertainment?

    I just wanted to take the time to say that last night, Impact really impressed me. It wasn't because it was this super cool and awesome anti TV-PG alternative. It was because the people that shined last night were shining in a different way. Normally, when I think of TNA, I think of excellent wrestling matches. Last night had its share of some good in ring action, but the stand out moments were when they were going for the "entertainment" aspect. I guess this catches me off guard because TNA usually has more of the Bully and Brooke stuff going on, but last night they had entertainment that wasn't surrounded by Degrassi moments of having someone's dad not like the guy they are dating... Even though they are they have been adults for virtually decades.

    Austin Aries vs. Bobby Roode - They had a match that wasn't meant to be competitive in the traditional sense, but was competitive in the sense of "Who is more devious?" Aries with the leg injury and throwing up the X while Bobby was calling bullshit. Aries rakes the chest, Roode rakes the back. Thumbs to the eyes... Legs on rope, tights being pulled... The whole match was hilarious and the finish before Hardy's music hit was classic. Minus the Spear stuffed into a Last Chancery, the traditional wrestling took a back seat to a very entertaining match.

    Kenny King - The kid has charisma for sure, but the obvious set up was made out to me a lot more fun in his enthusiasm behind his backstage promos. Personally, I HATE seeing the backstage stuff. But King made the most of his "behind the scenes" moments and Christian York just added to it with his comments. It wasn't the best of the best, but King made it entertaining as hell for me.

    Aces & 8s segment - I won't throw a total spoiler out, but the guy they brought in for the segment made it very interesting. The little 5 minute segment wasn't much, but it was much more entertaining than the previous couple of weeks with their segments. His request for time to think about it was well timed and helped me to become more curious about what's next for the group.

    Daneils vs. AJ - One last time since the last time. Bad Influence are hilarious. The two have such great chemistry and Daniels even made me laugh by simply calling people Ham Sandwiches. The inring promo had me in stitches with Kaz being able to recreate AJ's speech style. The best part was when Kaz went for the AJ Springboard Forearm (dressed in AJ's gear mind you).

    The Bro Off – I am going to put this out there... I am not a fan of anyone involved in this segment (minus Tara) but Big Rob, Bigger Rob, and Jesse were excellent in this segment. Robbie E had me laughing with his dumb jock who can't count routine. Jesse has that confidence in himself that you can see come out onscreen. During his poses, I chuckled when he would vocally say "Boom" for every flex. The best part was Robbie T. For a guy who seems to be just that big bodybuilder on the roster, I rolled when his turn came. Maybe it was because my expectations were so low for these guys when the segment started, but they really managed to entertain me with this segment.

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