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    Post Royal Rumble change it up..........

    Now i dont think i am the only 1 who thinks the rumble needs freshened up a bit, with regards to the winner now not being the main event at mania for quite sometime, past few years infact have seen winner of rumble very early in mania card.
    so how about a new process, no longer number 1 contender as #mitb is very handy for this now, what about the 2 champs whc and wwe meet on raw before rumble or even ppv before (tlc match) and the looser has there title up for grabs in the rumble, was a great idea in 1992 when flair won and that rumble still means so much 21 yrs later due to winner gets the title, (not forgetting brain on commentarty awesome). so the looser has there title on the line in the rumble 30 men actually now have the opportunity of a life time a chance to win a world title, pair this together with a lotto draft live each raw to determin which superstar enters where, could build it over 3 shows prior to rumble in jan, 1-10, 11-20 and 21-30 the last draw being the closing of raw before rumble, i understand this takes away potential suprise entries into the rumble so could allocate certain numbers to ledgens or celebs and not disclose who it would be, easy work around to keep suprises but if the winner wins whc or wwe title there should be no1 on current roster not entered unless story line to keep the out, just a few changes i think would freshen up the prestige of the rocky rumble............. thoughts?


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