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    Favorite Face of Foley

    The Hardcore Legend, Mick Foley, has had one of the most illustrious careers in wrestling history. Through all of the concussions, stitches, bumps, bruises, hard falls, thumbtacks and glass, he's most prominently known for being one of the pivotal players in the Attitude Era's success. During his full time wrestling stint in the WWF, Mrs. Foley's baby boy was known to the fans as either, Dude Love, Mankind or Cactus Jack. All three personas exemplified a different side of Mick Foley and each "face" offered something different. Each catered to the audience in their own way.

    What I'm asking you all is which persona you enjoyed the most? The bloodthristy Cactus Jack, the groovy Dude Love or the demented Mankind?

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    I couldn't choose a favorite, I love them all equally.

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    I don't really remember Dude Love, but I've obviously seen footage.
    I loved Cactus Jack, and of course loved Mankind.

    It's hard to pick one though, he played each character so well! I'll plump for Mankind!
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    Has to be Mankind
    As my first wrestling memory was his HIAC match against Undertaker in 98

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    I guess it's fitting I add my own input.

    For me, it's Mankind hands down. Forget about the fact that Mankind thrived in prominence longer than his other personas and that it was Foley's most popular gimmick. Disregard him being a part of one of the most replayed moments in wrestling history when The Undertaker launched him off the top of the Cell. When you look at Mankind, he seemed like his own person. With Dude Love and Cactus Jack, you could tell it was just Mick Foley with sunglasses or an outlaw-esque T-shirt. Mankind, on the other hand, from his early days to his final days was absolutely amazing.

    With his first sinister incarnation in '96 and his feud with the Undertaker, his promos were a thing of art. His work can't even be considered creepy. That's a pretty inaccurate and humble connotation. It was right down the alley of flat out disturbing. Despite his mask, his quirks and everything else, he actually sounded like a real human being and not a character and it truly seemed that the Undertaker had met his match for the first time in his life. The psychology and genius of the gimmick was a masterpiece and one of the best wrestling gimmicks ever. Then of course, he transitioned into a goofier, down to earth underdog with his subdued psychotic undertones but despite that, he could connect with the fans because he was able to sell being an underdog.

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    Gotta go with Mankind. Loved that character and he took part in some really great angles using that gimmick.

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    I'm all for Mankind, but Cactus was my favorite. The character was perfect for the time it was popular and I loved that he was billed from Truth or Consequences, NM. Cactus Jack was that person everyone has wanted to be at some point in their life. The snapped and broken man who wanted nothing but to set the world on fire and watch it burn. Those who crossed him were in line for justice that HE saw fit and no one else. He was able to do anything he wanted to anyone he wanted and it was justified by the fact that he came across as a legit badass psycho who wouldn't stop after he heard the bones snap. His promos in WCW left a lot to the imagination, but his work in ECW with a mic in his hand still give me goose bumps when I hear them. The emotions that the character showed after years and years of turmoil and trauma had already been inflicted on his body are something I still think of as "EPIC" to this day. Cactus Jack is always the first face I see when I think of Foley, and while Mankind was a great character with excellent depth, I always associate him with the comical side of Foley (which is what Mankind ended up being towards the end of that face's time). Cactus Jack is and always will be the maniacal character that Foley taps into when shit goes wrong and a feud needs to end, once and for all.

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    Mankind is the best face of Foley.But the time that i really mark out for him is during his feud with HHH when he brought Cactus back definitely the best Foley ever


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