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Thread: Spike Dudley.

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    Spike Dudley.

    Random thread but I wanted to talk about one of my favorite wrestlers of all time. (not joking.) I have witnessed some of the moments Spike Dudley had and I always considered Spike Dudley the true underdog of the WWE. I loved his finisher, and I remember some of the craziest moments in WWE and ECW he provided. Such as being tossed into the ECW crowd and body surfed around the arena, to running down the ring and doing his Dudley dog throw a table at Wrestlemania X-7. He was a great wrestler, and showed size doesn't always matter.

    Thoughts on Spike Dudley?

    Just a few moments.

    Spike Dudley's greatest victory

    Spike Dudley Tribute

    Spike Dudley getting tossed into crowd.

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    I enjoyed watching Spike in during his days in ECW. He has done some of wrestling's most amazing and memorable spots. For as small as he is, he went out there night after night and did some crazy ass shit. Gotta respect him for that.

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    When I think of Spike I always think of his battles with Mike Awesome. It looked so brutal when those two would fight. Spike always seemed to have a good head on him outside of the character and I loved the wave he'd do to the crowds. It helped to sell the "underdog" story that he was trying to tell. If you get a chance, try catching some of the interviews he has done since his days in ECW. He is well spoken and very thought filled in the majority of his replies to questioning.

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