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    People have a right to be pissed. When The Rock shows up to actually wrestle a match, it's either to main-event WrestleMania or get a WWE Championship shot. The fact is, he's been semi-retired for nearly a decade, and isn't a full-time performer. For that reason, he dosen't deserve to be in the spotlight when you've got guys working 365 days a year to get those opportunities.

    It's also clear that, like Brock Lesnar, The Rock dosen't make appearances because he loves WWE, but rather the big paycheck the company pays him everytime he shows up.

    I myself don't mind that much, but I definately understand the frustration others feel.
    Instead of getting pissed maybe they should step their game up so The Rock doesn't have to come back. My brother has been working at Arby's for 3 years, doesn't mean he's deserving of anything. If he was, he'd be manager by now


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