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    Quote Originally Posted by magglis View Post
    I've been hit by elbows and punches before and that has nothing to do with what i'm watching from Barrett.In WWE i'm watching wrestlers kicking out Cesaro's devastating uppercut and i've seen people losing from Barrett's bullhamer which in my eyes is not as dominating as the uppercut or other finishers in WWE
    I'd rather get hit by Cesaro's uppercut than Barrett's elbow personally!

    Quote Originally Posted by Darkside Ron Garvin View Post
    I hope to see him back and I wouldn't mind Henry passing that torch to Langston in about 3-5 years... But to give that fresh face such a boost so quickly would be a mistake to me. It would be similar to when Kurt took on Brock and Brock walked away shortly after. If the kid turns out to be someone that falls off in the coming decade, I'd rather not see him with a win over the "World's Strongest Man" but I have seen the E do stranger things. As to your point, I think it is more to sell Langston as an immediate threat whereas Ryback took month to build. By giving Langston that moniker, they are just trying to push his strength as his selling point.
    Well I didn't suggest that he faces Henry instantly. But I think it's well documented that Henry doesn't think he has long left in the business, so 3-5 years is perhaps too long to wait.
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