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    Many were complaining a couple of months ago about how terrible Ryback's finisher is.

    Truth is it just isn't - especially in comparison to this Langston fellow.

    Big E Langston has the worst finisher since Monty Brown's Pounce. It looks like a body slam or something that went wrong. I watched him give it to Cena and I thought Johnny had reversed it, and I expected Cena to get up and fight back in one of his stupid Cena comebacks. If he continues to use this as his finishing move he will be nothing more than a joke.

    So what should Langston use as a finisher? If he tweaked it to make it look more like an inverted neckbreaker then maybe he could keep it.

    Also if anyone does think his finisher is better than Ryback's I would like to know the reason why...

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