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    Quote Originally Posted by TheJosephBanks View Post
    Either or, to be honest.

    As a man who likes money; I know which one would be the match to book.

    You want Rock vs your top draw Cena? Or Rock vs Punk? In terms of making money?

    Also, way to sound completely biased. :P
    do u even go with what u like anymore?
    cena vs rock wasnt it supposed to be a lifetime only moment? never before never again?
    they teased it as something epic that would never repeat itself ever again, quite like hulk hogan vs the rock was too for example.
    now they are doing it again backing down on their own word just because of what? money? I strongly believe cm punk could draw just as much as cena, and lets say that even if he couldnt..just think about the enormous spotlight this would be for cm punk! finally someone else other than fucking john cena is main eventing the wrestlemania!!!! just think about it
    cm punk is nothing but a mid card transitional champion who has been overshadowed by alot of ppv's in the main event by john fucking cena
    john cena main evented ppv's in 2012 and he never even once held to that tittle.
    in my honest opinion i would do whats right for business and what's right for the future of the wwe and i would say, lets not make cena main event this one, he already had a full year of main even spots, lets make CM punk! VS The Rock! A new fresh never seen before main event for a wrestlemania!
    the fans would be invested in a feud that has 1 HEEL and 1 BABYFACE going at it against eachothers
    tell me, how much profit and how much relevance do u make by having "ok" ur top dog vs a movie star and a hall of famer like the rock going at it eachothers, WHEN its already been done before????
    why not give cm punk the spotlight to get his last chance at the rock to obtain his tittle back and win it????
    why not claim cm punk EVEN as a heel as the best in the world, by defeating none other than the rock????
    dont u think john cena already has enough momentum with his career stage right now?
    imagine how far this would catapult cm punk if he won clean against the rock at mania!
    just imagine the wonders and what a phenomenal growth this would be for cm punk once and for all!


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