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    The Rock vs Ryback???

    This caught me off guard when i first read it, take a look at this article.

    At this time, there is a lot of discussion about the January 7th edition of
    WWE Monday night RAW. On that night, not only will The Rock be returning, but WWE has also announced that CM Punk will defend theWWE Title against Ryback in a TLC match on the show.

    It appears that WWE is planning to tease some interaction with Rybackand The Rock. One of the scenarios thrown out is that they would tease Rock vs. Ryback, teasing that Ryback could beat CM Punk and go on to face The Rock at Royal Rumble.

    So wwe wants to shove ryback up our asses right away huh?
    A bad way to push someone, it's as if ur shoving him on his back to hurry up and take the spotlight, it will never work
    We all know the wonders of what could've been cm punk vs the rock at the royal rumble, ryback does not need another stupid tittle shot, enough with this!
    he got his at SS and Hiac he does not need another one and if the wwe dare makes him face the rock instead of cm punk then they will see how badly they are gonna screw this up.
    and no not even a triple threat lets say..ryback vs cm punk vs rock could even work because for a genuine feud to work u need two stars to shine, if u add him someone like ryback your spoiling the dessert and make it taste bitter and sour.
    ryback does not need to be in the tittle picture!
    give ryback the world heavyweight tittle from the big show instead.
    make sheamus have a mid card feud with someone else maybe a heel orton.
    keep cena to have his hands busy with either dolph or make him challenge taker's streak but for the love of god dont ruin what could potentially be the greatest feud of the next up coming year, cm punk vs the rock!

    what's your input on this matter an do u agree with me on this subject? let me know please..this utterly frustrates me....


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