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    Should Matt Hardy have been a World Champion.

    I have been watching a few Matt Hardy matches and also rewatched most of his rivalry with Edge, and with Jeff Hardy. And I wonder why he has never won a World Title. (Not counting ECW at the moment) not in WWE and not in TNA. I feel Matt Hardy was always over with the audience as a face and as a heel, and he has shown he could put on great matches and show intensity in his promos and rivalries. He even made a great cruiser-weight champion, (Version 1 was a great gimmick) and I feel he should have won a World Heavyweight title, when he entered the Money in the Bank I felt he should have at won it and cashed it in. I mean if Matt Hardy had cashed it in back in 09 when Jeff was champion they could have had a great feud and main-evented Wrestlemania. Since Randy Orton Vs Triple H was a pretty lame main-event. But I digress.

    So in short, should Matt Hardy have been a WWE or World Heavyweight Champion.


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