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    Wrestling Lexicon in Real Life

    Are you such a hardcore wrestling fan that you'll use insider terminology in real life situations? Like for instance, if a car chase scene in a movie puts you on the edge of your seat, do you use the term "marked out" instead of "blown away"? Does "heel" come to mind when you want to describe the performance of a jerk in a play? Does your girlfriend refer to you as her "face in shining armor"? If so, simply post instances in your daily life, outside of wrestling related matters, where you use wrestling terminology to describe events, etc.

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    I tend to tell people that they botched something a when they fuck up...

    I also get a big smile when I see someone fold up their chair because my next thought is always "heel turn!!"

    Other than that, the majority of my wrestling usually involves open conversation, wrestling with the kids, or just watching it myself... However, since I am the inspiration to this thread, I obvious use the vernacular on a regular basis when separate example would have sufficed.

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    I tend to refer to my self done skinhead like shaved hair as Orton-like,If that counts.

    The higher I go, the crookeder it becomes.

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    I do use some terms and even a few quotes haha recently I've been saying No and Yes just like Daniel Bryan even my non-wrestling friends find it funny.

    But I do say botch, mark, and over a lot.


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