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    EWN New Year's Resolutions

    It's almost that time of year. As we approach the new years, people everywhere occupy themselves with things that they promise to do in the upcoming year that will improve things such as their relationships, health and habits. Of course, most people tend not to carry them out and crack within a week. But I'd like to see what some of your goals are and see how dedicated you are to carrying them out. But for the benefit of the forums, these goals should only be about doing what you can to make the forums a better place. Perhaps, you could promise not to do an annoying habit, make peace with an enemy of promise to dedicate your time to the forums more. In any case, just post it here and hopefully, we'll all be mature enough to rally behind you.

    For instance, I have promised not to bash Dennis for the entire year. Another thing I'd like to do is become a more reliable e-fedder and just for vanity's sake, secure a spot in the Top 10 section.


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