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Thread: Hulk Hogan 2002

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    Hulk Hogan 2002

    All this talk of hulk hogan winning the tna title brings me back to him winning the WWE title back in 2002, so what I want to know is what you were thinking back then when he won it and I dont want to hear about current reactions I want it from back in 2002.
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    Honest to god back in 2002 when he won i thought WHAT?! seriously! He is a bit to battered and old to be the champion i had a good laugh when i read he wanted to be a champion again!!

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    If you have been watching TNA lately you can see what appears to be Hogan having trouble walking. I can only imagine how bad he would look if he actually tried to wrestle. This is why many people dislike and don't watch TNA. The man has done a great deal for the sport of wrestling and is one of the main reasons why wrestling went mainstream but enough is enough and it's time for him to step away from the spotlight and let some of these other guys have their moment in the spotlight.

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    Hogan was simply clowning around in that interview. The guy isn't going to get a title run and he knows it. He does wish he had his youth back so he could be running wild again and burying everyone.

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    As a TNA fan since 2005, if he wins the title I will not watch one second of TNA until he loses that belt.

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    I was thrilled as a bag of wabbits! I couldn't believe it, 1st having him face HHH was awesome enough, but him having the Undisputed Championship was even bigger and made my inner child come out and become suicidal over such a fat bastard I'll become! (heh heh, Family Guy) Undertaker beating him for it made great sense. It was nice to see him win it one last time.

    And if he ins the title in TNA would be kinda cool. I don;t care for the future of TNA, they fucked it up, it is still good, but if Hogan wins the title, It'll be a nice thing to see one last time.

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    He was joking in that interview, he has turned down wrestling gigs since that interview and said he isn't a wrestler anymore as much as he wishes he was. In 2002 it was different because even if he was old and battered he was still over as hell, if you listen to the reactions he was getting back then, then there is really no explanation needed as to why the belt was put on him. Was he up to snuff in ring? No, did I ever think he was up to snuff in ring? No, as an entertainer and a sports entertainer did he deserve the 2002 title win? Probably not, but he did win and lost the belt the right way, also he was super over so why not put the belt on him, it was what the crowd at the time wanted.


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