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    Here what I would do if I was TNA..... I would partner up with some other Indy company with talent exchange.... since so many guys already work the indy scene in TNA...
    There at least several promotions beside ROH and PWG if I was TNA I would look at their talent.... Ring Warriors Wrestling out of Florida which just ended it deal with the NWA.... travel wouldn't be that big of a issue... Next AIWF based out of Georgia and the Mid Alantic... IZW out of Oklahoma.... or even look towards Texas with one of the many small companies there....

    Even if they could get or steal a El Generico, Teddy Hart, Jack Evans, Colt Cobana or Hass and Benjamin. They all would be a great addition to the roster.....
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    Pwg roh should partner all theit guys already wrestles in both
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    A huge reason people go to WWE rather than TNA is because this generation of guys grew up on WWE , wait 10 years and you mite get a few guys who "always dreamed of wrestling for TNA"
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    Quote Originally Posted by YOUcanCALLmeCRACK View Post
    Second thought: TNA should let their talent compete everywhere else but the WWE. Have Generico be on TNA TV and ROH TV. The cross promotion will help both sides. Not to mention it will be a better sell to those top talents.
    They do; they just can't appear on TV/Camera, a relatively recent decision. At most, they can appear in a dark match/non-televised. While TNA can do that, most, if not all, indies allow their talent to appear on camera if it calls for it. So TNA gets the better end of the deal.
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    TNA should allie themselves with the other indy promotions because their target market target is different to WWE, thrn they could get some young blood and boost their performances

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    I like the wrestlers you mentioned and would like to see more of them on tv.

    However I do not see tna as an indie promotion. I don't see them as the empire that the wwe is either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by YOUcanCALLmeCRACK View Post
    On the surface, TNA looks pretty small-time. Always in the same arena, etc, etc.

    Considering that they are one of two promotions with a national TV deal, not to mention pretty decent worldwide reach, TNA isn't doing that bad. The thing is that WWE is so, so, so far ahead of TNA in terms of everything that top Indy stars are going to obviously be there. Not to mention, TNA cannot promise the things that WWE can: bigger contract, merch sales, exposure.

    If you were an Indy star, 99 times out of 100 you would go to WWE if given the chance. TNA will always be a second option. Look at their top stars now. Every single one of them have been spited by WWE. Every one of them.

    Edit: Don't know about Roode or Storm.
    Not sure exactly what you mean by "spited" but agree with everything you wrote above that line. When it comes right down to it, many wrestlers are huge marks themselves, despite using the term in a derogatory fashion for those not involved in the industry. It's not entirely a bad thing to have high passion for your profession, of course, but some put getting to the WWE ahead of using good business sense.

    Just one example: they fail to realize how much smaller a percentage of WWE signees get to the "TV show" level. In other words, look at all the times you have read about people in WWE development getting cut. Sometimes seems like it's a weekly occurrence, doesn't it? In the vast majority of cases, these workers never got a single min. in the big time (i.e. on TV) or if they did, it was as a squash boy on one Smackdown episode. But if that same wrestler had signed with TNA, it is extremely likely s/he would have gone on to appear on Impact, gotten experience working in front of cameras and on the road, gained exposure that would help in the future and on getting indie dates now, and so on.

    (There are other examples, of course.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by pistol-pete View Post
    TNA is an indy comapny that just happens to have a camera....

    I believe those are the words that CM Punk said a while back, at an attempt to try and diss TNA. But what if TNA could take those words as a piece of advice. I mean Independant wrestling is usually better than WWE. Why dont TNA get all these top indy guys and rub money on their face for them to show their talents on a bigger platform. Im not saying TNA should get rid of all their Kurt Angles or heavy guys. But try to get more guys like Austin Aries, AJ Styles, Zema Ion, CD, KaZ, K-King.

    Like get guys like Low-Ki, Jack Evans, Pac, Kevin Steen. IF they can. I mean why do you have Jesse celeb guy, instead of el generico . im just trying to say TNA needs to showcase more of that indy stuff that WWE cant.

    That's what I've been saying. Agreed.

    No disrespect to the ex WWE guys, but I want to see something different than WWE when I watch TNA.

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    Quote Originally Posted by robofhonor View Post
    Pwg roh should partner all theit guys already wrestles in both

    Along with Championship Wrestling from Hollywood! And yes they all have a very similar line up.

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    TNA was better with the hexagon ring, stars that people who watch WWE had never seen before and instantly loved ( AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Chris Daniels, Beer money etc) and you had Jeff Jarret and then Angle joining, it was pretty amazing. At that time i fell in love with Tna around 04-06 can't remember the exact date lol. They used to be so different to WWE, everything was different but then they started trying to compete with WWE too early, started to turn into as some people would say 'WCW'. They hired hogan, bischoff, and many ex-wwe talents and it was kind of the downfall IMO. I'm not saying TNA are shit and have gotten worse because ratings and money income have become higher over the years but i think if they'd stuck with the 6 sided ring, stuck with the talents that made TNA and brought in some guys from WWE that would of suited TNA better, unlike Hardy's, Christian, Hogan etc, they would be seriously competing against WWE in a couple more years without being jackasses to WWE and trying to be like them abit more


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