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    Springfield, EWN

    Everyone associates Springfield with one family. This one singular, cartoon wonder has been in our lives for almost as long as wrestling and has remained ever since. This show was something that struck comedy gold with me when I was between 15-21 years old. The Simpson's are a house hold name in MULTIPLE countries around the world and have nurtured a complete generation who love both cartoons and comedy.

    My goal of this thread is to have you answer pick 1 or 2 of your favorite characters and tell me who they would be in the EWN. I'll start it off with a few easy ones...

    "Grampa" Abe Simpson - As many people poke fun at his age, Grampa would have to be Wade for me... Just on mental image alone.

    Barney - This lovable drunk always provides us with comedy moments that only DrunkJose could top.

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