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    Quote Originally Posted by Wrestling1 View Post
    i gotta watch that dvd ! but i miss having wrestlers like that. the fact that they compare ziggler and aj i dont think is bad but they will never be edge in lita! i loved lita! more when she was with the hardys! and when womens wrestling was relevant
    yea, edge and lita had the real world against them... smarks love ziggler, they didn't like edge.
    Quote Originally Posted by Jack Newport View Post
    No, I don't. I REALLY don't.

    We should respect the fact that Edge has chosen to leave the wrestling business behind him and move on with his life. If more retired veterans did that, professional wrestling would be in a better state.

    What meaning of the word "retired" do some of you not understand? It's this kind of stuff from the fans that encourages guys like Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair to stick around and hog the spotlight from the next generation.

    Edge is done. It's over. The Hall of Fame was the final moment of his career. And he wants to keep it that way.

    So for the love of God, accept it and move on.
    I'm not sure if you got this but wrestlers come back after a while. Edge loves wrestling, he might say he doesn't like it now... but I wouldn't be shocked to see him make a few promos or even have a short stint as a gm or someones manager.


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