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    First Raw Of 2013

    this is my first post,I am sorry for the mistakes I may make..

    Just a Random Thought-We all know The rock vs Cm PUNK is set for Royal Rumble,but how would you set the finish to The Ryback Vs CM punk TLC match.

    I had a thought.,CM punk and Ryback have an awesome match for about 15 mins.Enter The Shield they take out Ryback,team Hell No! enters evening the odds making the shield retreat.Now CM Punk is slowly climbing the ladder,reaches the top runk,Ryback enters the ring Climbing behind Punk,Ryback hits him with body blows and sets CM punk up for the SHELLSHOCK from the top of the ladder.before he drops him CM Punk puts his hand and holds the WWE TITLE....ryback drops him for the shellshock buts the due to the force of the attack the title comes in CM PUnks Hands..thus CM punk wins...also keeping Ryback as a strong competitor....any thoughts?


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