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    In case you missed it

    Sorry in advance if this is the wrong section and please move it into the right section. However this is a complete video of the TLC match between Team Hell No and Ryback vs the Shield.

    Sorry for the crappy quality
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    Quality not so crappy if u watch the small screen , The shield is awesome

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sicksnuff17 View Post
    Quality not so crappy if u watch the small screen , The shield is awesome
    yea, this was a solid match! shield ended up looking super strong.

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    Greatest TLC Match since 2002 when it was Kane vs Jeff and RVD vs Spike and Bubba Vs Jericho and Christian.

    Yea its been that long.

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    I loved The Shield vs Hell No & Ryback. The match was insane, brutal, all I like. But, because there is a but, I did not like 2 things. 1st, Kane looked weak and it's a mistake. When you compare him to the masked Kane vs Cena or Ryder, or Orton, it's night and day now. If WWE wants to keep him masked, then they should make him look like a threat and not like a joke. 2nd, The Shield did not sell any moves they took from Ryback, Kane, and Bryan. When Bryan, Kane or Ryback stayed down for a while when they took shots, the members of The Shield, were on their feet quickly... I know this match was set up to build them, but they did not sell anything. Except Rollins at the end when Ryback made him fall on the tables.

    Hell of a match !

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    I said it before and now again a fantastic match on a great PPV.

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    Punk getting legitimately injured and taken off the PPV is the best thing that could've happened to The Shield.

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    I think it was up there for match of the year. The first time in years a gimmick match has actually been used properly. It was actually a TLC match instead of a tag team match with one chair, ladder and table used.

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