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    Quote Originally Posted by Dennis View Post
    K2Jelly you know I say this with respect but I disagree with you. You can watch NXT and not be attached to the superstars. Sometimes I listen to bands before they hit the mainstream... I have no problem saying their music turned into crap when it hit the big stage.... doesn't this seem very similar to what your saying about these guys, if they turn out to be bad (I don't watch nxt but from what I have see I think all these guys could be future champions) people who watch nxt shouldn't worry about it... they had a quality showing in the indies that they enjoyed... and might even go back there for them to enjoy more.... another example of this happening in sports would be in the nfl when a player is awesome in the college game... doesn't always translate... tim tebow was a first rounder that blocks punts now hahahh
    You're completely missing the point.

    With the way your post comes off, you're implying that I stated that it's inevitable that viewers of NXT are instantly attached to the talent. I never said that. I pointed out that for those who do, it can be hard to see their heroes fail. I'm one of those people which is why I've taken up this extreme abstinence .


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