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    A way to fix Tensai.

    This is just an idea that popped into my head just a second ago but since Tensai has suddenly been losing matches under 2 minutes to superstars he should be beating (santino, tyson kidd etc) and also become a bit of a comedy act, i thought he needed fixing. So heres the idea, Have Tensai enter the royal rumble at ike number 10 or something and get immediately eliminated, have him so fustrated he just runs off to the back, and have him enter again at number 18 or something. BUT this time as A-train and have him destroy superstars in the ring, the pop would be huge! It's not like WWE want to erase his past as Albert because this past monday night on raw he was mentioned as ' fat albert '. This is just an idea, bad feedback is always welcome and ideas of your own, Thanks


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