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    Why AJ lee and Big E Langston are bad for Ziggler

    I had a thought while watching smackdown yesterday.(if you haven't watched smackdown don't read any more of this thread if you don't want something spoiled for you) My thought was aj lee and langston are terrible for ziggler. Ziggler is a great seller and recently has been coming off as a strong contender for a title. His match against cena at tlc was awesome, I almost considered giving it match of the night if aj and vickie would of stayed out of it. But instead they can't let superman lose cleanly (I am a fan of cena but come on, ziggler needs to get over and a clean win might of done that.) As many of us predicted by zigglers shirt which states he steals gf's, ziggler is now stuck with the "geek goddess" and she now interferes with his matches and puts him against the reining gm vickie... While I like the chance for vickie to maybe turn face and maybe we can see something cool be done there... it's terrible for ziggler IMO. Now ziggler will get help from a guy who seems dominate when ziggler is about to lose by himself. instead of having ziggler lose cleanly now we are going to realize ziggler can't win by himself so he is getting cena attacked. Why not just push ziggler elsewhere away from superman so he can get clean wins to legitimize himself he is going to either lose by dq or get a cheap win via outside help? I get that he's a heel but he isn't quite over yet. Heels like edge got away with cheating because everyone knew he could win with out cheating he just wanted it to be easier... I might just be missing something? what do you guys think?


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