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    You've never had a girlfriend have you? Because while you may convince me of being attracted to someone "hot", you'll never convince me that it's soooooo great when a "crazy chick" shreds your clothes, sells/gives away your stuff, drives away all your friends, makes false battery reports to the police about you and/or makes you lose your job. Yep - that's surely some real appealing stuff going on there. And "whore"? So you're ok with a girl you like, screwing your friends or members of your family without aid of protection of any sort and possibly for money? That's gotta be great for your self esteem!

    Guys - we have ourselves a virgin here! He just outed himself!!
    Oh Robbie, you are so wise, yet know so little. I don't date, I sleep around. That's numero uno. Numero doso while I would never date a girl like AJ, I would at least screw her, and not in the Brad Maddox way. Also I'm in college so I have no car, no monies, and I could not live with a potential girlfriend.
    Brad Maddox is the new face of the WWE!

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