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    Quote Originally Posted by Dameduse823 View Post
    Oh, I'm actually in pain from how much that made me laugh. Look I know punk is popular, I know their building him as the main heel of the company but he is not, nor will he ever be and I will stand by this statement until I am proven wrong, anywhere near Undertaker's level. If they actually have him end the streak, if they end the streak at all,, it will be a sad sad day in wrestling history.
    Just for the record, I wasn't being serious.

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    Punk vs Taker would be a snooze fest. Taker is damn good, but he isn't good enough to carry Punk through a match.

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    Punk's WWE Championship reign vs The Streak

    World Heavyweight Championship
    Sheamus vs Randy Orton vs Ziggler (c)

    Rock vs Cena II

    HHH vs Lesnar II

    That's how i see Mania going. You got four main event matches there to space throughout the show. I definitely want to see the streak vs Punk's reign. So much on the line and Punk is a much more believable threat for ending the streak than other options such as Lesnar so there would be at least a bit of uncertainty in terms on the end of the match. Taker will win and either vacate the title or have a new MITB winner (at Mania) cash in on him the next night. Then, next year at Wrestlemania 30 Taker will face Cena in his last match.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jack Newport View Post
    If Punk beats The Rock at the Royal Rumble, then this is definately what's going to happen. Nothing against The Rock, but I would rather see the WWE Championship in the hands of a semi-retired guy that would at least show up on TV every week.
    Simple. Every year now they have to build the match so that there is a single bit of doubt that he might actually lose. With current stars and storylines the only one that makes any sense is punk. Streak vs reign. It gets punk away from the title if he loses and after over a year reign what would work better than him losing to the undertaker. Obviously the streak will only end if taker agrees to it. And it most likely wont happen ever so that scenario probably won't work out

    but either ending to the match gives both guys an excuse to leave as it usually is a brutal match and they can vacate the belt

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    Honestly guys, I very logically don't see Taker vs Punk being for the WWE Title. Hear me out.

    Factor 1: Punk will not end the streak. So, in this scenario, Taker - a man who fights once a year - would walk out of Wrestlemania the WWE Champ. It's a most fitting and touching sendoff, but one can only imagine Taker will end his epic career at Mania 30. If I'm wrong, would they have Taker vacate the title after 29? I don't know.

    Factor 2: Rock vs Cena at 28 was 'Once in a Lifetime'. The only way to make it 'different' than last year, would be to make it for the biggest prize in the company. I would be shocked if Punk doesn't lose to the Rock at the Rumble. This is Vince McMahon's company. Ole Dwaynie and Ole Johnnie will end their epic Mania rivarly 1-1, John will walk out of Mania with his Spinner Belt, and all will be 'right' on planet Earth.

    Factor 3: They've already set us up for Punk vs Taker without the title, it's all about respect. Challenging Taker at Mania is the ultimate battle for respect and CM Punk will surely need it after dropping the title to The Rock. It also allows Punk to remain in an insanely high profile Mania match-up, despite not fighting for the title.

    For a few months I was on the Taker vs Brock bandwagon, but I just don't see it happening. HHH is likely getting his Lesnar rematch.

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    CM Punk vs The Rock - the match that has so many wrestlemania options resting on its shoulders. There's two options. Rock wins clean and then Cena wins the rumble and they face at Mania leaving Punk vs Undertaker in a match for respect


    Cena wins the rumble, then is involved in the finish of the match and costs Rock the title (like rock cost him the match against Miz) so punk retains. Cena challenges Punk and Rock makes it a triple threat. It'll be more focused on Rock vs Cena, Punks promos will be about him being pushed aside and unthought of. Maybe some type of tag team match at EC? Punk and someone vs Rock and Foley vs Cena and Ryback - Give Rock the win to keep his momentum. Then the triple threat at Mania with Punk going over.

    Rock and Cena should build towards one more match at Summerslam. Punk moves on.

    As for Undertaker, there's options of Brock, Sheamus or Barrett

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    Maybe the match will happen but without the title, they need to add something different to the Rock vs Cena match II, we all know Taker doesn't nned the belt and for Punk the honour and challenge of beating the streak is fair enough motivation

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    It looks like no one has a logical you really think the Rock will come back to lost a match? Do you really think Vince would bring the Rock to lose on RR? AND EVEN if ROck loses at rumble he will eventually win the trust me when I say this.....The Rock will be at the WWE Title match in WM....that is pretty much a guarantee...


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