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    Punk Vs. Taker Streak vs Reign

    So if Punk retains at the Rumble I see Rock and Cena getting a rematch at Mania and Punk taking on Taker.

    We get the Streak vs the Title Reign. I think this is a good build up as it adds something to the Taker match that they always like to add. I know it has been said before but I really think it is a big possibility.

    So either Punk wins and Taker puts him over big time as the man of the company or the most likely scenario they go the limit and Taker wins. He either takes the break with the belt and they bring in the new belt which has been rumored for years, obviously that could just be a rumor but whatever. Or he retires with the belt and they do the same. Lets face it he doesn't have too many left in him. Even though being this close to WM 30 he might want to make that the WM he retires at.

    With a Taker win it gives Punk a break and time off to heal up after his 400 some odd day run and really after this point who else could realistically beat him and make it be a good ending to the longest reign in the last 25 years.

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    personally i rather see brock vs taker and cm punk vs hhh in hiac or last man stnading match

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    Each year has to be treated as the potential last for Undertaker. Whether it turns out to be or not, the match they give him at WM has to be a corker. Whatever happens, UT needs to turn up soon to provide enough build up, since it's unlikely he'll work many matches (if any) before WM.

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    Yeah.. That's pretty much how I view it right now. Every year I become more comfortable with The Undertaker retiring.
    Hey.. I'm not telling you anything that you don't already know.


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    That's why I feel it needs to be the Streak vs. the Reign. Every year they have to make it seem like it is Takers last match and it possibly could be. And every year you need to have some doubt that he really might lose. They have done a pretty good job on that aspect the last few years I think.

    I could see the Brock vs Undertaker match too since the little encounter a couple years back at a UFC event but I don't really see what that does for either guy. Other than it would allow for more of a brawl than a wrestling match which might be needed for Taker at this moment.

    Either way I hope he shows up at Raw within the next couple of weeks or at the Rumble. Maybe even just a couple of Gongs here and there to tease the return.

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    Or Rock wins the title and Undertaker shows up and chokeslams him. Setting up streak vs title?

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    Punk's WWE Championship reign vs The Streak

    World Heavyweight Championship
    Sheamus vs Randy Orton vs Ziggler (c)

    Rock vs Cena II

    HHH vs Lesnar II

    That's how i see Mania going. You got four main event matches there to space throughout the show. I definitely want to see the streak vs Punk's reign. So much on the line and Punk is a much more believable threat for ending the streak than other options such as Lesnar so there would be at least a bit of uncertainty in terms on the end of the match. Taker will win and either vacate the title or have a new MITB winner (at Mania) cash in on him the next night. Then, next year at Wrestlemania 30 Taker will face Cena in his last match.


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