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    Quote Originally Posted by SaberToothTigerz View Post
    the boogeyman returned OH YEA!
    i marked out for this guy i've been a huge fan of his since 2007
    i want him to kidnap brodus kids or little jimmy
    Little Jimmy has decided to jump ship and hope on Cody Rhodes' Mustache for a wild ride

    I get that Big E Langston dropped the NXT CHAMPIONSHIP Bo Dallas out of all people? WTF!

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    I hate the guy...I hate the stuff he does...I used to change the channel whenever he appeared...hope it is just a one of case..n moreover, he adds nothing to the table....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommy Thunder View Post
    I'll be surprised if Boogeyman is back for anything more than a one off appearance. The guy is pushing 50 years old, and isn't someone they'd be bringing back for anything more than a comedic appearance.
    He will probably be in the Royal Rumble match...

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    I marked-out a little bit. I was never a big fan but it was really unexpected which doesn't happen a lot anymore. Plus I've been playing as him in Championship Mode on SD vs R '09, so it was a fun coincidence. And it's Booker's guy, so it was cool that they did that.

    I call for a feud with Papa Shango leading to a Wrestlemania triple-threat with Gangrel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommy Thunder View Post
    Yes, he's a former mid carder, but the mid carders they want to bring back are ones that can help nurture the younger talent already on the roster. Having Damien Sandow (for example) beating Boogeyman isn't going to do a whole lot for his career.
    This. Fair enough if Boogeyman was as experienced as Regal or Finlay but he isn't. He failed the original tough enough auditions because he lied about his age (he was about 38 then). I think the Miz has more experience than him, so other than comedic relief we wont see him back for good.
    Oddly, i did have a dream the other night and the boogeyman attacked that curly haired guy from one direction... One reason to hate the gym playing their songs all the time! Hopefully that's a mania match in the making though!!

    GMU - UTID!
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    Had there been a Slammy for most random return of the year, Boogeyman showing up would've been it.


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