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    Ryback's Next Feud

    Before I get started, I just want to point out that I'm going to be revealing some stuff that happened on this week's RAW. I'm going to be putting spoiler tags over the "spoiler-worthy" material so you shouldn't have to worry too much about having any sort of surprises ruined if you decide you press on. If, however, the censoring isn't enough, then one of the mods will probably move it to the Spoiler Section.

    Anywho, let's get things kicked off with talking about RY-VD...I mean Goldback, er....Ryback.

    I think it's pretty obvious that he's been losing momentum and steam as of late. We all know that Ryback's got a lot of support behind him and as a result, he got thrust into the main event scene after a few months of squashing some low card talent and a every brief program with The Miz. With the way they built up Ryback, having him getting taken out by The Shield numerous times and losing 3 straight PPVs in a row has made him look a bit more vulnerable which is exactly what he needs right now and it hasn't hurt him in the long run at all as the WWE Universe is still behind him. It's a win/win situation in the long run. Except for taking on The Shield, Ryback doesn't really look like he's doing anything productive at the moment but regardless, he won't be doing anything more anytime soon until he's scripted to be done with them.

    With that said, after he's done with The Shield, he should just stick around in the mid/upper midcard scene and instead of squashing people left and right, he should be used in a worthwhile feud. That way, his popularity can rub off on the person he's feuding with and he can steadily climb back up to the top after properly earning it. Or, if they decide to keep pushing him to the moon, I left some options for that scenario as well. Anyways, after last night's RAW, I came up with a list of people that could very well be reasonable feuds for Ryback. Those men are:

    1. Antonio Cesaro

    Big E Langston

    3. Randy Orton

    4. Big Show

    Big Show

    I'll go ahead and start with Big Show. With the Royal Rumble coming up, obviously, the winner will have a chance to face the world champion of their choice at Wrestlemania. Assuming that the Big Show remains the World Heavyweight Champion by WM and Ryback wins the RR, this wouldn't be too bad of a feud for him. Show will need some competition and if for some reason, WWE decides not to go with their Orton/Ziggler plans for 2013, as the reports from this website have hinted at, then I see no one better fit for Show than Ryback.

    Besides, who doesn't want to see him try the Shell Shocked on him?

    Randy Orton

    There's been some speculation about Randy Orton turning heel since ADR turned face and apparently, Orton's been wanting to turn heel for a while now. If that were to be the case, just have RKO go after Ryback, explain himself by telling everyone that he's the Apex Predator and that man that's going to bring change to the WWE isn't Ryback but him. Blah, blah, blah. Feud starts. Like Big Show, this is more for star power than anything else and it might give Ryback a chance to pull off a potential 5 star match since he'd be working with one of WWE's top ring workers.

    Big E Langston

    Yeah, this is where the spoiler begins so if you DON'T want to know about what happened on RAW this week, do yourself a favor and DON'T click on the spoiler buttons, alright? You've been warned.

    So anyways, as the RAW viewers witnessed, Big E Langston made his WWE debut when he interfered in the main event of John Cena & Vickie Guerrero v. Dolph Ziggler & AJ by taking out Cena. Obviously, this is going to lead to a small feud between Langston and Cena but after that's finished, what's left for Langston? Where does he go from there? In my opinion, a feud with Ryback could benefit both of them. Lots of people have played on Ryback's strength but Langston is reported to be the strongest competitor in the WWE. Afte his feud with Cena, they shpuld have Langston prove his strength by taking out Ryback and of course, Ryback would be helpless in this situation because he can't match up to his power. This would humanize Ryback, make him look more vulnerable and make the feud seem more interesting because it's the first time Ryback would be backed up into a corner like that and we'd all be anticipating how he can rise above the odds.

    Antonio Cesaro

    Hey, guys, guess what? MORE SPOILERZ! Don't cock that eyebrow at me. It's for the benefit of those who haven't seen RAW yet and despite all of us knowing who Cesaro is, there are some things that I'm about to explain that have content that was on RAW so you'll just have to deal with it.

    I believe that for the first time ever, we saw Ryback v. Antonio Cesaro. Before the match began, Cesaro cut a promo on Ryback, stating that he was basically the epitome of America because of how stupid and uncultured he is. The two proceeded to duke it out for about three minutes and then, we all saw something that I believe that Cesaro has never done before: he walked out of the match deliberately. Since taking on his Anti-American gimmick, Cesaro has taken pride in himself in beating ever single American he's put himself in front of and not backing down from a challenge. Since that's exactly what he did, he could come out next week and say that people have been questioning his abilities since he walked out on Ryback and claim that he's scared. To prove them wrong, he'll challenge Ryback at the next PPV, the RR in this case. Have build up to the event and once it's time to put up or shut up, just have Cesaro cheat in the end after Cesaro realizes that every single bag of tricks in his arsenal won't put Ryback down. After that happens, just have them go at it for a few more months with Ryback eventually winning the U.S. Championship and "standing up for America". Just because I love Cesaro's in-ring work and Ryback's ruthless moveset, I would be very excited to see these styles clash and go at it.

    After stating all of those reasons, I personally have to go with Cesaro on this one. But if you were to choose a potential feud for Ryback, who would it be against and why? Do you like the options I listed or do you have your own preference?


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