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Thread: Funny Tensai??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommy Thunder View Post
    Why not a serious/funny combo of Tensai and Santino?
    Or better still, why not have Tensai convince Santino turn heel and become serious again?
    Santino's a good wrestler, it's a shame he's having to play this comedy character so long, and Tensai is a great wrester for a man his size.

    I think the combo could work either way to be honest.
    Quote Originally Posted by TheDevilsAdvocate View Post
    I think one of the reasons why he didn't get over is that he didn't have much mic time. The guy has an intensely deep voice and he could have came off as an intimidating heel. The mistake here was that he came in as Tensai instead of just being Albert or A-Train.
    Either one of these is a yes from me.

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    All Matt Bloom needs is a bit of air time to cut a few promos on why he went to Japan and became the unstoppable Tensai. They can build him as a monster if they actually try. Make him a sadistic monster who's a powerhouse who loves to torture his victims. Say that he's conimated Japan and now he's returned to the US to do the same. Have him win the US Championship from a big face and let him actually do half of his move-set that he done in Japan; the rest will write itself. I'm not saying he'll every be World Champion, but the man could be WWE's top mid card heel for a few more years.

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    This year :
    WWE killed Brodus Clay character.
    WWE killed masked Kane character
    WWE killed Tensai character

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    Quote Originally Posted by PSOjedi View Post
    This year :
    WWE killed Brodus Clay character.
    WWE killed masked Kane character
    WWE killed Tensai character
    But They made awesome ones to.

    WWE made Damien Sandow
    WWE made Antonio Cesaro (well with ROH but whatever)
    WWE made Ryback
    WWE made The Shield (also debatable)

    I feel that WWE has killed a lot of characters, but they have made some pretty awesome ones this year to.

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    If I was booking. I wouldn't know what to do with Albert.

    3 major things. The Vignettes hyped his debut as Tensai too much.
    He's got crap drawn on his face and looks like he wears a diaper for ring gear.
    He was Albert and everyone remembers.

    Poor bastard. Was an experiment for a new character that didn't work. Around the same time as Brodus Clay too.

    But really I felt he hit a special low coming out doing comedy with Santino after the build of this serious monster. I love Santino. But that whole bit on Raw I really didn't enjoy. The way they had him fall down before he came out. He left Japan for that

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    Hope WWE won't turn Tensai into another Kozlov.....

    I'm curious to know what is in his contract. What WWE promised him.

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    Worst thing to happen to him was to debut on the same night as Brock Lesnar imo.
    WHY not put him with Clay so they can be the Funkasaurus and the Hip Hop Hippo.Not the best idea in the world but at this stage couldn't hurt plus now there would be a large tag team for the division.
    Orton hears a who

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    The best thing for Tensai now, is to push him in the Tag Team Division where he's great. I don't see anything else to rebuild him correctly. Just find him a good in ring performer as his partner, and pushe them. A guy like Alex Riley, Curt Hawkins or Ted Dibiase Jr would be perfect. My pick would be Alex Riley.

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    Matt Bloom is a great worker. Probably not the best wrestler, but a great worker and loves the business and he shows it by doing ANYTHING to stay in the business. For that, he deserves props.

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    There was potential in Tensai, and with potential I mean Umaga 2.0, at least with the comdey gimmick h has something to do


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