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    Quote Originally Posted by Peter Kaymakcian View Post
    I think it is way to soon to debut another new guy. I mean if you look at it this way we have had five debuts since Hell in a Cell with Brad Maddox, the Shield, and now Big E. Langston. Plus since Wrestlemania we've had Damien Sandow, Ryback, and Antonio Cesaro. I think we've had way to many debuts way to close to one another.

    However I do like pairing Ziggler up with Langston as his body guard as I can see this to be the start of a stable centered around Ziggler for once. Maybe add a team with them and it can really be the start of something great for Ziggler.

    I disagree with everything you just said. You forgot to count Tensai since mania btw, since you count Ryback and all. Debuting lots of people isn't a bad thing. It's a really good thing because not everyone can be successful and not all of the people who debut are able to maintain relevance. I mentioned Tensai because as an example they brought him in and he made an impact... For a month at least. Then he went back to being unimportant. Realistically Brad Maddox hasn't yet done anything that will keep him around for long. However he has time on his side and the time he gets now can be important for him in the future when they decide they want to actually push him as a wrestler.

    Ryback is a flash in the pan and he WILL lose momentum eventually. He can't stay a monster in today's WWE environment. The Shield have to break up and go into single careers at some stage. Nobody wants the talents of ambrose and rollins going to waste in a stable for their whole careers. They won't, but by bringing in many new wrestlers, they can have a variety of different possibilities for these guys to feud with and stay relevant. Nobody wants to see the same matches over and over. And that is what you get if you don't debut a variety of different people.

    I love the fact that not only are they debuting a lot of people... Most of the them have managed to get the crowd to accept them in their roles. Great for the future. Plus they have all been given different Gimmicks and story lines that are interesting to see.

    Now onto Ziggler... He should not have a bodyguard or a mouthpiece anymore. He just got away from Vickie. He needs to be on his own and have a good run when he cashes in his MITB. He doesn't need other people to help him. He needs a legitimate run on his own. Unless they bring back the rest of the spirit squad. Then he can be in a team...

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