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    ***Spoiler*** (Raw ending)

    So Big E Langston..I doubt anybody saw that one coming. Sure he has been pretty over with the crowd on NXT, (you could hear a guy desperately trying to start the FIVE chant on Raw) but this all seems a bit rushed. So far all we have seen the guy do is squash guys and though he has some powerful moves and a cool finisher, his promos have been far from great and will they even use his five count gimmick now he's on a main show? Worst of all he's now gonna feud with Cena, which probably won't end positively for him and what will they do with him in terms of Wrestlemania? A feud with Ryback maybe?

    It's early days but i can't help but feel this is not going to end well for Big E and he will end up being eventually sent back to NXT. Your thoughts?


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