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    The RAW General Manager

    Why is Vicky Guerrero the RAW GM?

    I'm currently watching TLC and after not watching WWE for a bit I have been a little taken a back when I found out. I mean, really? She was GM around four years ago. I was over her by then and I'm over her now. I don't mind her with Ziggler but I'm sick of her being in charge. It's just another example of how WWE constantly rehashes ideas which makes for a boring, repetitive product. Is the WWE unable to cast someone new in the role? They have on Smackdown, and Booker T is working because he is something different. I mean they could have given the job back to Teddy Long but how awful would that have been? I think it would have met a scathing reception on this site that's for sure. Maybe Vicky is only in charge temporarily to enhance this Cena/Ziggler angle, or even for an angle with Vince McMahon. - I don't know, but I sure hope she is dispensed of soon.

    What I do know is that they saw the decent work Booker was doing on the announce table and rewarded him with a good role. I see another announcer right now on my screen, a Texan turned New Yorker turned Bermudan. I'm pretty sure he would make a pretty good figure head of the red show after Vicky is eradicated... And I believe that he thinks he would too. What do you all think?

    P.S. Del Rio & The Miz are faces. Love it.

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    and then have booker vs jbl to run both shows. since you know WWE rehashes ideas lol at least that one would be worth doing seeing as both Gms (if it were to happen) can and were both wrestlers and champions!
    Best Gimmick on NXT

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    The only use for GM's to antagonize the superstars. Other than that, fuck 'em.


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